Inventor of K Glass Regrets His Innovation

John Sylvan. Inventor from the K Glass. The K Cup, that impressive, hassle-free, simple to operate, bundle of caffeine in a tiny tiny plastic-type glass. He regrets his technology. Among the best inventions in recent times, along with the inventor regrets creating it. Why? Why would any individual feel sorry about such a thing? The basic solution is since the K Glass has become this kind of environment disaster. Yep, just consider it. Think about how many cups of Keurig gourmet coffee you have a time. Think of the number of your partner has daily. Isn’t that a waste of materials? Along with the plastics and metals linked to each cup are really sluggish to break down to their organic status.


That’s why the refillable K Glass 2. is becoming such a revelation. What exactly is the refillable K Glass? Properly as being the name might advise, it is very just like the pack of cups except there is just one of these. It comes in the form of a tiny basket, a little larger than the regular K Glass. Additionally, it carries a top. The basket and lid are entirely cleanable and reusable. Because of this just acquire packs of soil espresso and fill up the basket up any time you require a glass. Simple. And clear, and environmentally friendly. And helps save dollars as well.


Sylvan sold his stake in the company for a mere $50,000 back in 1997,. That’s the other amazing fact. Consequently, Keurig went to make a definite fortune from the K Cup. It has become a model that other coffee maker companies have appeared to version or emulate, and they also also have their troubles too. Although the basket appearance to possess solved much of Keurig’s ecologically unfriendly servings. If more and more individuals would purchase the refillable glass (the expense of which is actually a tiny more than two features of normal K Cups, then we could decrease this big wastage of resources, and assist the surroundings as well.


Once more, in line with the disdain of his invention, Sylvan doesn’t take advantage of the Keurig program at all, indicating it “isn’t challenging to make drip caffeine.” Maybe he’s just bitter about the whole thing, or losing out on a bigger slice of the profits. I dare say, he would likely approve of the refillable K Cup system, although either way, he’s a non Keurig coffee drinker.


The refillable choice gives other advantages also. You can aquire floor espresso in almost any type. You have access to a great many tastes, and you will use top of the line espresso, or affordable budget gourmet coffee. Just select what your finances enables. And additionally, the packs lasts a great deal more than 4 or five boxes of K Cups.


So, the lesson for the rest of us Keurig fans is to take heed of the big environmental impact the convenience of K Cups presents, and look at the better for the environment refillable K Cup 2.0 Your bank balance will too, even though not only will the environment be better for it.