A Review Of Breakthrough Rapid Reading

Breakthrough Rapid Reading penned by Peter Kump is not like all the other books on how to speed read. It is not a rehash of the same old information. This work reflects a structured program that provides the perfect way of enhancing speed reading skills.

If there’s one skill that absolutely everyone must develop, it’s speed reading. When you’re able to read quickly, you’re apt to learn faster, as well as accomplish quicker those school- or job-related tasks. Nevertheless, it’s vital that you know that speed reading isn’t about reading quickly. It’s also about comprehending what you read. This is how Breakthrough Rapid Reading can help. When you improve your reading comprehension skills, you also improve your learning skills.

Anyone who has to go through files and documents every day can benefit from learning how to speed read. Speed reading is great for high school and college students. Speed reading could also benefit even people who simply want to be able to read a good book during their spare time.

This speed reading program in a book will help virtually any individual who desires to develop their speed reading skill. Typically, if you wish to learn to speed read, you either enroll in a class or hire an individual to private tutor you. There is definitely nothing wrong with this method, but not everyone has access to or the money for a structured learning program. That’s why an at-home speed reading program is perfect for such people. Using this book, you could boost your reading skills and you can do so at your own pace and in the privacy of your home.

Nonetheless, there’s a drawback. Without effective coaching by a skilled professional, you’re going to end up being limited by your own ability to initiate the steps detailed in the book. Nonetheless, Breakthrough Rapid Reading is one book that is wonderfully written and structured that this particular downside is probably not so serious after all. The material contained in the book becomes a whole lot easier to learn as a result.

This book is so much more, however. There are a lot of exercises and drills in the book that’re designed to enhance your reading comprehension and retention skills. These exercises and drills are well structured and are sure to give the results you really want. Each speed reading drill and exercise is associated with a chapter and each relate to the subject matter of the chapter. The book’s author recommends you spend one week per chapter and the drills that come with it. Some people might find this method to be too slow. Nevertheless, it is really up to you how wish to go through the book. It is strongly recommended you avoid rushing through the process since doing so could undermine your learning potential. 

Breakthrough Rapid Reading by Peter Kump will help you become a much quicker and more cognitive reader. It’s simple: merely read the book and do the drills and exercises and you are going to soon be reaping the rewards.


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