Backyard Fun for the Family

A backyard photo Many families enjoy spending time in the outdoors. As the weather gets warmer, these families will spend more and more time outside. Many families travel around and visit many wonderful outdoor destinations, but numerous families choose to stay at home in their own backyard. If you and your family will be spending a lot of time in the comfort of your backyard this summer, you will want to ensure that many memories are created there that will last a lifetime. Here, you will find many backyard activities that are sure to bring you and the rest of your family hours of enjoyment. The website is a great resource for many ways to enjoy your backyard experience. Continue reading “Backyard Fun for the Family”

What Should You Pack For Your Alaskan Cruise?

Alaska Vacation photoAlaska has become an increasingly popular destination for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy the natural activities which are so prevalent in this beautiful country. It has even become an important honeymoon destination for those who want something out of the ordinary.

The closest I got to an Alaska vacation was when my flight stopped there to be refueled. I couldn’t even get off the airplane and sse the airport. I did see the many beautiful mountains through the window. I hope someday I can return for a real visit. You can explore the beauty of Alaska at Continue reading “What Should You Pack For Your Alaskan Cruise?”

Your Guide to Purchasing Airline Tickets Online

airplane photoIf you are planning your airline itinerary, then is a good place to visit. Many people are intimidated by handling their travel needs online. Having a travel agency deal with your travel plans and lining them all up for you is a convenient way to go, but also much more expensive. Many people are overwhelmed by the fact that the internet is swamped with so many varieties in websites, companies, plans, and deals. The internet does not have to be a scary place for people who wish to save a little money by making their travel plans themselves. In this article, we will guide you through how you can purchase your travel tickets online and make all the necessary travel arrangements without having to hire a third party to do it for you. Continue reading “Your Guide to Purchasing Airline Tickets Online”

Fourth of July Fireworks Party

Fireworks photo There are many different ways that the Fourth of July can be celebrated. Each year, families everywhere participate in some sort of activity to celebrate the Fourth of July. This year, if you are searching for a way to celebrate the Fourth of July, you should consider simply doing things that surround the enjoyment of your child. Here, you will find many suggestions that you can use to create a Fourth of July for kids. You can implement one of these suggestions this Fourth of July, or all of them! Visit for more ideas that will improve your independence day. Continue reading “Fourth of July Fireworks Party”

Lucky 7’s

Since many think 7 is a lucky number, I have decided to add 77 niche sites to the ezniches directory. This is a big project for a staff of 1 human and 1 cat. However, we will be completed in less than 77 days. We will use the blog to update the status of our project.