Diving in El Gouna, Egypt

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The town of El Gouna is situated along Egypt’s Red Sea coast which is known for its wonderful diving and snorkeling that attracts millions of scuba divers each year . Furthermore , the area is also recognized for its amazing beaches, safe warm waters and close proximity to such major cities as Luxor and Cairo.

While the resorts in El Gouna offers fourteen hotels, none with less than a three star rating, it also offers completely safe diver training programs in its own facilities and lagoon. This insures that all divers are professionally trained and prepared to deal with the sometimes difficult conditions of the Red Sea.

The Dive Training

Most scuba divers in training at El Gouna, Egypt will experience the facility’s heated pools and calm quiet reefs before heading out into the open waters. Entire groups can receive all inclusive training for diving in El Gouna, which can even include “junior” diving training and snorkeling programs.

Diving in El Gouna is also available to anyone with limited mobility or physical handicaps, with specialized trainers and equipment available to all who inquire. Actually , El Gouna has 3 resorts capable of training and diving with physically challenged tourists .

The Underwater Sites

After receiving training and certification for diving in El Gouna, vacationers have exclusive accession to sites no other members of the public can view. This is due to the El Gouna property’s private purchase and investment in the area’s waters, all in cooperation with the Hurghada Environment Protection Agency. The arrangement allows for no more than 3 boats at any particular site, and which results in a far superior experience as well as preservation of the reefs and wildlife habitat.

Syul Kebira

The most popular sites for diving in El Gouna are Syul Kebira, which in addition to its private access to El Gouna residents only is also just far enough off shore to be unpopular with visiting scuba divers .

This allows for a wonderful secret to be kept on the north side of the island, which is the location for one of the most well preserved and beautiful reefs in the entire region. It is teeming with virtually every fish imaginable, and is also a nursery location for many of the same creatures, with juvenile morays and banded pipefish everywhere. It is also home to the super rare leopard shark, deep sea rays and sunfish.

Dolphin House

Another tremendously popular dive site is Dolphin House, which is just as it sounds, home to an tremendous number of dolphins. Many lucky vacationers actually enjoy the company of the resident pod of Bottlenose Dolphins during their visit, and some even get to catch a glimpse of the other unique inhabitants of the reef, including turtles and hard coral gardens.


Red Sea Scuba Diving – Vacations & Destinations

Explore the best of Red Sea Scuba Diving – the best vacation options and destinations to visit. Red Sea scuba diving offers you access to a breathtaking underwater world, filled with amazing sea life and opportunities for exotic geographic expedition. With Red Sea diving adventures, you can experience the wonder and majesty of this delicate and fantastical world, enriching your life with excitement!

What Are Some Of The Best Sightseeing Tours in Egypt?

What is there to see in this wondrous ancient land of the Pharaohs ? First read that the land is divided up into several sections. There is Lower Egypt, which includes the northern Nile River delta and Egypt’s northern coastline , as well as Cairo and Alexandria. Next, there is Middle Egypt, which is the area along the Nile River . Upper Egypt is made of many temple towns and can be found close to the southern stretch of the Nile River Valley. There is also the Sahara Desert , where you can find the Western Oases. The Red Sea Coast , which has several opulence beaches and resorts to enjoy. Finally there’s Sinai, which is an isolated peninsula, ideal for historical land tours and some scuba diving activity.

What are the best tours to see in the country? Cairo day trips are among the most popular and include the Pyramids of Giza as well as ancient museums and churches. This includes the Giza Plateau, which features the Sphinx and the Pyramids – the far-famed tombs of the Pharaohs.

Luxor Tours give you the opportunity to see many old statues , temples and ancient tombs. Aswan tours are ideal if you like ancient architectural while Hurghada trips are very in tune with nature . Tours around Sharm El Sheikh are the most civilized and yet varied option, as you can take desert tours or have a nice candlelight dinner just the same.

Safaga, Suez and Alexandria offer more historical sightseeing. The Siwa Oasis, Farafra Oasis and the Bahariya Oasis round out the list of public and private tours.

Remember that though sightseeing is the charm of Egypt, there are many things to do beyond historical tours. There are also sports, such as golfing and scuba diving, and many remarkable beaches that you can relax on.

As you tour Egypt remember that the official currency is the Egyptian pound. Money can be exchanged via bank or even in some resorts . So don’t fret, and don’t get suckered in by some street hustlers offering to give you Egyptian currency. All in all, Egypt tours are among the best in the world, combining mystery, marvel and excitement into one convenient package. Find out why this beautiful country is one of the most universally revered civilizations in human history.

Beach Vacation: Taveuni Palms, Fiji

Visit beach-vacation.ezniches.comWho hasn’t dreamed of traveling to Fiji for a great beach vacation with the sun, surf, and of course the water activities. Beach-vacation.ezniches.com points out that Fiji is one of the most popular places to take a scuba diving or snorkeling trip. So now that you have decided Fiji is the perfect place for your vacation, where are you going to stay?

One intimate retreat on Fiji is Taveuni Palms. Taveuni Palms offers two private guesthouses, a freshwater swimming pool, and a secluded sandy beach. Among other activities to do while in Fiji are kayaking and hiking. There are two separate beachfront villas at the Taveuni Palms that comes with a dedicated staff to make your vacation more relaxing. The staff is truly excellent in making your stay comfortable and possibly the best. Each villa has a pool, two bedrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen. The outdoor deck has furniture for those relaxing meals, or simply to watch the sunset. The gorgeous sunsets will turn into beautiful tropical nights with the waves rolling onto the beach and the starlit sky bringing the romantic mood to light.

Taveuni Island is well known for its colorful and unique sea life, from the tropical fish to the variety of corals. A few of the best diving spots on Taveuni Island include Great White Wall, Rainbow Reef and Purple Wall. Great White Wall surrounds a tunnel that has two exits. One exit is at 33 feet while the other is at a greater depth of 88 feet. Surrounding you in the tunnel will be coral giving off a soft white glow, hence the name Great White Wall.

With scuba diving being the hottest activity in Fiji, especially on Taveuni Island its no small wonder they offer instructors just minutes from the Taveuni Resort. Instructors can teach you the basics of diving or continue your diving education. If you have dove before and are advanced certified I recommend you visit the greater depths of the Great White Wall. The dive centers will of course rent equipment if you feel you don’t want to lug yours all the way to Fiji.

Traveling to your resort will require landing at Nadi International airport located in Fiji. From the airport you will catch a connection to Taveuni Island and then just a five-minute ride later you will be at the Taveuni Palms.

Taveuni Palm is just one resort you can stay at when you head to Fiji. There are other hotels on the Island of Fiji if you wish for a less remote resort. Fiji has many attractions including scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. Whether you travel to Fiji with your family or perhaps for your honeymoon you will not be disappointed in your beach vacation. More information can be fount at beach-vacation.ezniches.com

Baton Rouge Hotels: Sample Some Southern Hospitality

Sunset at Baton RougeYou have a wide choice of places to stay at Baton rouge, Louisiana. There are many Baton Rouge hotels that offer very good accommodations. Quality customer service is the motto of these fine hotels which strive to make your stay in Baton Rouge a pleasurable one.

Embassy Suites Hotel in Baton Rouge is one of the better hotels where you might wish to stay. This hotel is located on Constitution Avenue in Baton Rouge, and is quite close to the campus of Louisiana State University and the LSU Rural Life Museum. It is some convenient to the Art and Science Museum, the Baton Rouge Zoo, the Pentagon Barracks, and the Aubodon Trail. The suite in this hotel has a cozy living room and bedrooms have either one king bed or two full beds. You can choose to be entertained by cable TV, Nintendo games, or pay-per-view movies. You also have a mini refrigerator and microwave oven. You can stay connected with high speed cable internet access, and visit baton-rouge.ezniches.com.

Another popular choice among Baton Rouge Hotels is the Sheraton Convention Center Hotel. It is located on France Street. This hotel lays claim to being the newest and the only full service downtown hotel. The hotel provides high speed internet access and also wireless connectivity. All services for conferencing are also available as well as meeting facilities, valet, airport pickups and drop offs, and laundry facilities.

There are of course other Baton Rouge hotels that you can consider worthy for your stay. One of these is the Baton Rouge Marriott Hotel. It is located on Hilton Avenue about 15 minutes away from the Baton Rouge Airport. The Marriott hotel boasts of 300 guest rooms which have a choice of one or two bedroom suites. In-room coffee makers, Cable TV, irons, two telephone lines, one for DATA ports and other for voice functions are among the facilities at this hotel.

You can find a hotel that suits your needs depending on the purpose of your visit, how long you are likely to stay there and your personal preferences. You can always find a good hotel among the Baton Rouge Hotels to serve your needs to the fullest. Most of the fine hotel chains have a presence in Baton Rouge so you can stick with your favorite trusted hotel, or you can sample some southern hospitality by booking a room at a locally owned hotel or inn.

You can use the internet to find out about Baton Rouge hotels. One such site is baton-rouge.ezniches.com. Some websites will offer you virtual tours of the rooms as well as allow you to book online. You can use the map feature to find a hotel which is close to your point of activity.

Lots of Accommodation Options When Visiting Barbados

photo of Barbados beach

When traveling, planning is essential to a fun vacation. When traveling to Barbados, this is equally true. To make the most of your Barbados vacation, visit barbados.ezniches.com to help you plan ahead, make all your reservations, and get everything done in plenty of time, to make sure everything goes off without a hitch, and you don’t have to deal with all that last minute stuff that can make vacationing so stressful. One of the first things you will want to do is arrange for your accommodations, so that you have somewhere to call home while you are on the island.

There are many options available for you to choose from, depending on your personal preferences, as well as your budget. There are many hotels that would love to have you stay with them, hotels that can fit into any travel budget, no matter how great or meager it may be. The price varies from hotel to hotel, depending on the number of stars it has, and the amenities and features it has to offer its guests.

You can also find many apartment style accommodations on the coast, which are often some of the more affordable options. These apartments all vary in size, but most are fully equipped with all the necessary appliances, which can save you a lot of money on food. Some of these even have pools and on-hand staff available, depending on what you are looking for.

If you would prefer to stay closer to the beach, then you might want to check out the many guest houses that are for rent on the island. You will get the obvious benefit of being right on the beach, with all of the comforts of home, even if for a short time. While they can’t all hold up to what one would find in luxury hotels, most of them are nice homes, clean, and completely furnished with your comfort in mind.

The villas located on the coast are also a good option, and your stay here will come with all meals provided, so you don’t have to worry about cooking on your vacation. Most of these villas are focused on customer service and guest satisfaction, so you are sure to be pleased with your stay. You will be staying in a fully furnished home, with the convenience of a maid who also cooks at your disposal, how great is that?

You could also maybe think about purchasing a time share, which could be used as well. This is sometimes more affordable than the other options, and will allow you to feel more at home during your stay.

As you can see, it really all does depend on your budget and what you are looking for. Each different style of accommodation has its own perks; you just have to decide whether or not the price is right!