Seychelles radio broadcasts information about niche tourism markets

Paradise: Clean, Clear and Diverse

Nov 13, 2011

“It is time people,” a special Seychelles’ Plus FM Reunion tells its listeners. This article published by 7 Magazine, the weekly publication of La Reunion Island, takes up the radio program probably because it went further than just describing the beauty of these tropical paradise islands and concentrated on what Seychelles is pushing as its niche markets.

Today it was diving in Seychelles that was at the forefront. The mid-ocean islands of Seychelles, which comprises of 115 islands, boasts that they are the only archipelago to have both hilly granitic islands and the flat coral islands. This is why Seychelles is often written about as a diverse paradise. Using charter boats to ply between the islands, diving enthusiasts are invited to discover the world of wonders when diving in the clear and clean waters of the Seychelles.

Clean and clear remains the key words because Seychelles is known for offering exactly this. With a small population of only 87,000 and with a group of islands that does not have factories per se, it is not surprising that these mid-ocean islands remain pristine, clean, and with their surrounding seas always clear. The Seychelles government has been in the forefront in the world of conservation, and they are today considered leaders in their own right. Seychelles is listed as being the first country to have dedicated to nature and conservation just over 50 percent of its total land area.

Fifty percent of the already limited available land is remarkable, but the government of these Creole mid-ocean islands, sitting in the middle of the worl,d believe that they have been mandated to remain good custodians of the unique group of islands for generations to come. This message is echoed over and over again by both the President of the Republic, Mr. James Michel, and by his Vice President, Mr. Danny Faure.

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