Singles go niche in search for love

Go ahead, think of a group of people – the most unusual that comes to mind: dwarves, fruitarians, folk who wear only spandex?

Chances are, there is a dating website out there with a ready pool of suitors who cannot wait to meet them.

The latest trend in online dating is all about going niche – in areas as varied and limitless as the human imagination.

Background story

Dedication needed

‘Singles today have many different platforms to meet. But a relationship ultimately needs time and commitment. If you’re not ready, you won’t settle down – even with all the choices out there.’

MS LYDIA GAN, dating consultant and president of the Association of Dating Agencies and Matchmakers here

The majority of these sites are based in the United States, but a few home-grown ones have emerged in recent years. The newest kid on the block is three-month-old Divine Intro, a dating website for local Christian singles.

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