UFC on Fox: MMA Will Gain Huge Audience with Network TV Debut

The Fox network has created a niche in the television market by becoming the platform for risque content. The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad and other shows have proven to be edgy but profitable programs that have paid off big for Fox.

The agreement with Dana White and the UFC is right in line with that type of thought process. MMA fits in perfectly with Fox’s current lineup, as much of it is targeted at the young male demographic.

Not only is Fox and the UFC bringing you live action, they were smart enough to bring you heavyweights in the main event. They understand, Americans love it bigger and stronger, so the UFC brings its two biggest and strongest in Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos. 

A knockdown, drag-out bout will skyrocket the UFC on network TV and leave the public wanting more. Immediately, anticipation will begin for the second Fox and UFC presentation. We love gladiator sports—that is why the NFL is king. We also love personalities and intimacy with our athletes. The UFC brings fans both of those qualities.

Now, it will never catch football, there is too much history and tradition involved there. Though fans love violence, there is still a good percentage of the population who are somewhat uncomfortable with it as raw as MMA brings it to you.

Fox doesn’t cover boxing, but if it did, the politics involved is a turn-off for many. That nasty element is something Dana White tries to control with his own iron hand.

Baseball is dying a sport in this country and on the network itself. Need proof of that? Though it wasn’t Fox, this is still a microcosm that relates to TV in general; during the MLB postseason, regular season NFL games were taking precedence in ESPN’s coverage.

Soon MMA, led by the UFC, will be second only to the NFL in the Fox network pecking order, and tonight’s broadcast will be the event that started it all.

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