Ahwatukee Crossfit celebrates its niche after a year in business

One year after opening an all women’s Crossfit Gym in Ahwatukee
Foothills, Rebecca Parent has six-times the amount of members she
started with. Her secret is in her niche.

“I think people really like the community we have in here, and
the atmosphere,” Parent said. “It’s different from the other gyms.
We’re different because you’ve got women helping each other out. If
the workout of the day is incredibly tough, the girls next to each
other will cheer each other on. Where else do you get that at?”

Parent started Ahwatukee Crossfit one year ago with 10 clients.
Today she has at least 65, and about 20 visitors each month.

Parent owned a crossfit gym, called Tribal Crossfit, in Chandler
with her husband. After success there, she decided to try something
new and offer the same workouts in a women-only setting.

“I have girls that come from Gilbert and Mesa, one from Goodyear
and three coming from Phoenix,” Parent said. “They come here
because we’re women only. They want to do crossfit, but they want
to do it in a women’s only facility. I think a lot of them came
thinking they’d see what crossfit was like before moving to men and
women gyms, but they haven’t left yet.”

One thing Parent is really proud of is the camaraderie of the
women in her gym. Daily, she posts scores or photos on the gym’s
Facebook page. Even on social media the women can be seen cheering
each other on.

That’s a side effect of the way crossfit works, Parent said.
Each class begins with a warm up and then a lesson on either a new
weight-lifting exercise and the correct form for it, or a reminder
of the correct form for a lift the group has already learned. Then
the class splits up into small groups and the women coach each

“The coaches are still walking up and down and they’ll break in
if you miss something, but you have double the coaching because
that girl is also going to be coaching you,” Parent said. “I feel
if you can coach someone then you know the movement, too.”

Parent hopes to get 100 members by next year, and possibly open
up more classes with more trainers. In the meantime she’s not
planning on going anywhere.

“I think we do something really good here that no other crossfit
gyms do,” Parent said. “It’s my niche. I really thought a lot of
other people would follow me, but after a year I’m still the only
women’s only crossfit in all of crossfit. I know what my niche is
and I’m not going to let it go.”

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