Niche Mortgage Rate Research Website, Launches

PRLog (Press Release)Nov 03, 2011
Though the thirty year fixed rate mortgage is by far the most common choice for both purchase mortgages and refinancing, it is far from the only choice, and may not be the best fit for all homeowners., the new site from CMG Equities, LLC, is intended to clearly outline the benefits and drawbacks of this lesser used home loan product, and allow consumers to make an informed decision when it comes to their home financing.

Choosing a 20 year mortgage can mean significant savings when compared to the traditional 30 year loan term. For example, eliminating those ten years of interest payments from a $200,000 loan with a 4.500% note rate would result in interest savings of around $61,000. Savings could potentially be even higher as 20 year mortgage rates tend to be lower than those for loans with longer terms. On Friday, October 28th, 2011 20 year mortgage rates posted on were as low as 3.750% (Points: 1.125, Fees: $875, APR: 3.930%, Lender: Gateway Bank Mortgage.) The lowest pricing advertised for 30 year home loans a quarter higher (the APR was 0.212% higher) at 4.000% (Points: 1.25, Fees: $875, APR: 4.142%, Lender: Gateway Bank Mortgage.)

“With rates as low as they are right now there are a lot of people refinancing, particularly those who have been in their homes for several years and built up some equity,” said Nat Criss, Managing Partner of CMG Equities. “A 20 year loan can make a lot of sense for someone who doesn’t want to start that 30 year clock over from the beginning and be right back to three decades away from paying off their home.”

There is no registration required to view current mortgage pricing on, and the rates advertised are routinely among the most competitive in the marketplace. Competing mortgage companies are listed side by side making it easy for consumers to compare.

Rates posted are subject to change. Please visit the site to view the criteria used in the rate survey.

About is a mortgage research web site where consumers can learn about the 20 year mortgage program and compare 20 year mortgage rates from competing providers. is owned by CMG Equities, LLC which is based in Wilmington, North Carolina. To learn more, visit

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