Martini Media Paves Way for Premium Brand Advertising on Long-Tail Sites

NEW YORK, Oct 27, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) —
Martini Media ( ),
the platform for reaching people who buy, spend and share the most
online, is bringing premium brand advertising to niche media in a
systemic way for the first time. Beginning this month, Martini will
introduce a number of multimedia advertising programs–starting with the
threefold Portrait introduced by the Interactive Advertising Bureau
(IAB, )–that
allow premier advertisers to do storytelling at scale within the most
engaging environments that were previously inefficient to activate. The
new Martini programs bring publishers top advertisers at the premium
value multimedia units create. MINI, Victoria’s Secret and VISA lead the
list of charter advertisers.

“We’re expanding the rich media marketplace,” said Bill Rowley,
SVP/Business Development and Publishing at Martini Media. “Now elite,
niche publishers can attract the premier advertisers that have been the
province of portals. And premier advertisers can make specialty
environments a mainstay in brand campaigns. Without our new programs at
scale, this could not happen.”

Martini will act as a service partner, eliminating technology obstacles
to making niche business and lifestyle publishers a consistent showcase
for brand ads. That’s increasingly important as advertisers seek more
affluent consumers that still buy more in a shaky economy. The $100K+
consumers buy twice as often as the general public and spend three times
as much on each purchase, whether that’s household goods or travel
(Ipsos Mendelsohn 2011). What’s more, they spend the most time online,
and they prioritize the specialty media that serve their passions, from
wine to tennis to investing (“Beyond Influence,” Added Value 2011).

As a first step, Martini is bringing the IAB Portrait unit to long-tail
sites and offering advertisers a chance for more than 100 million page
views. That’s the largest audience an advertiser can reach through one
source with the IAB Portrait, which combines a banner, video, text and
social media feeds in one oversized ad. It is also a largely
unduplicated resource; most Martini sites have not run interactive ads

“In an effort to deliver the most meaningful and engaging ad experiences
to our affluent audience, Investopedia consistently seeks to partner
with forward-thinking advertising partners,” said Adam Smith, marketing
manager at Investopedia ( ).
“It is in this spirit that we partnered with Martini Media to provide
exposure for their extensive portfolio of luxury brand clients via the
Portrait IAB Rising Star unit, allowing us to deliver maximum brand
impact to our highly engaged audience.”

For publishers and advertisers alike, the value is higher return on
engagement. “The IAB Portrait has already proven itself as a true
‘star,’ with engagement rates averaging 7 percent and regularly climbing
into the double digits in certain categories,” said David Doty, Senior
Vice President and CMO, IAB. “We expect to see equally promising results
from Martini Media’s use of the Portrait.”

The new Martini programs represent a reinvigoration of mass marketing.
For the first time, brand advertisers can predictably market from the
inside out, reaching people with money and influence at scale in their
preferred environments and letting them expand a brand online.

“By bringing valuable, interactive content to the people with the most
money and influence, brands can activate a chain of recommendation that
only consumers can create,” said Rowley “That’s a new way to achieve
efficient critical mass.”

About Martini Media

Martini Media is the platform for engaging people with the most
influence and money online. Martini allows advertisers to build
campaigns influence-first by scaling niche sites–the places these people
prioritize because they cater to passions–into an audience of more than
120 million. Martini provides a publisher network of 1,000 sites in
lifestyle and business with revenue support encompassing Web, video,
mobile, email, social and data. For more than 270 premium-advertising
clients, Martini combines proprietary audience targeting and tracking
with full-service marketing support. Martini Media was founded in 2008,
funded by Venrock, Reed Elsevier Ventures and Granite Ventures, along
with a number of prominent angel investors. For more information, see .

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