Maori Jade Necklaces Have Meanings

Written by: Anthony Creek

Who would have believed that Maori Jade Necklaces would have meanings? Well once you learn who the Maori tribe is then you would know using their stylish necklace pieces. Every piece symbolizes some form of meaning. Maori meanings bring out the life of the piece carved. For reference we’ll use Jade but Maori carvings can be done in bone or horn or just about anything. It doesn’t have to be specific to Jade but you have to admit Jade does look cool.

Examples of many of the meaning are below

The Jade Koru Spiral – It is a circular shaped pendant and in most cases means regeneration, or growth

The Jade Twist – It’s supposed to represent the union of two different people or household. It is also a symbol of loyalty between a couple

Jade Manaia Necklace- The Maori believe this carving represents the messenger through the living from the dead since the body of the item has 2 heads
one out of this realm and something in the next. There can be a human head and yet another animals tail because far wall. You are able to becoming a protective amulet at the same time.

The Jade Tiki Necklace- This symbol stands for Maori myth. Oahu is the indication of the initial man. Also considered to be worn after a ceremony where you can connect the managing the dead as  a sign
of remembering the dead. The symbol was usually worn by someone of spiritual guidance.

The Jade Fish Hook Necklace– Rather easy… Safe travels over bodies water also to bring prosperity, therefore, the “Fish Hook.”

This gorgeous much sums up and hope this helps you to see the meanings. Most of these carvings are done from Jade. You can go to Maori Jade Necklaces for greater number of these products.