The Best Ways To Cook A Steak Medium Well In An Electrical Skillet

If weather, area or that you don’t owned and operate a grill is maintaining you from food preparation steak, you can cook the meat from the ease of your kitchen on the large electric skillet. The meat will not have the grill lines that could leave the steak aesthetically pleasing, yet the skillet can still cook your food completely. Cooking a steak to medium-well takes some timing as well as an accurate meat thermometer.

Action 1

Preheat the skillet to 400 levels Fahrenheit, as you wish to see to it that the skillet is very hot so that your steak will sear. Toss a couple of beads of water into the skillet and even if they sear and also grain, the skillet is warm sufficient for cooking.

Action 2

Period both sides of the steak while the skillet is preheating, then put the steak on the skillet when the skillet is hot. Many individuals like using pre-made steak seasonings, while some individuals choose merely a little salt and pepper. Cover the skillet to make sure that the fat from the steak does not spatter, leaving an edge open so air can distribute.

Step 3

Cook one side of the steak till it has a good dark sear. For a 1-inch thick steak, you need to prepare it for about seven minutes.

Step 4

Flip the steak with a pair of tongs. Decrease the warmth to 300 F as well as brownish the opposite with the cover ajar for concerning 6 mins or until it reaches the desired doneness. The inner temperature of a medium-well steak need to be between 150 as well as 155 F on an inner meat thermostat.