How to get more out of your desktop or wide format inkjet printer

Written by; Anthony Creek

How to get the most out of your printer using Printerhead Cleaning Solution

Want to know the secret to getting the most life out of your printer? The answer is simple! Clean the printer! Well, not too many people know how but here’s what you should do with the daily maintenance along with manual head cleanings inside the printer’s tools menu. Here’s what you’ll need;

1. Foam swabs that are static free

2. Printhead Cleaning Solution

3. A syringe to hold the solution and shoot it into the pump and cap assembly.

4. Use a long hypodermic needle tip for bigger printers

5. A Phillips or Flathead screwdriver (some printers have different types of hookups for a screwdriver)

First you need to take off a cover to get to the right side of the printer or wherever the printer head is capped/parked.You can then find the area that allows you to release the screw on the capping station and see what tool you need.From there you can turn the screw on the capping station counter-clockwise to release the print head. Then you can shoot the printer head cleaning fluid in the pump and cap assembly (square pad where the print head sits), turn clockwise to make the ink go into the waste pads or tank.

You will need to modify your waste pad if you have a smaller printer so keep that in mind.

You need to keep this little pump and cap clean so do this a few times, then make sure you clean the little wiper blade by putting some print head cleaning fluid on the swab and rub the wiper blade with it and it will clean off the dried ink on the wiper blade. This will prevent the wiper from wiping dried up ink on the print head and dried up ink rubbing on the print head is not good!

This method only applies to printers in home or photography and sublimation. This does NOT apply to solvent printers so please do not use the same cleaning fluid on solvent printers.


Here’s a video below you can refer to, to see where the parts of the printer are located. Please do not use ammonia on your printer as it dries the inks up and clogs parts when dried. It is only for reference.  


Put the print head back in place by pushing it all the way to the right and turning the screw clockwise to lock it in place. Keep your printer happy!