SMR's New Cast Iron Radiator Site Goes Live

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM–(Marketwired – Sep 26, 2014) – SMR’s new niche site dedicated to cast iron radiators has launched. It brings the consolidation of products previously split across a range of sites, into a single point of contact for customers. Along with a team dedicated solely to all things cast iron, this should offer a greater level of support and expertise for potential buyers.

The site,, features a broad range of cast iron radiators and accessories to cater for the high demand in traditionally styled radiators for period or contemporary homes.

The new site will also sell cast iron radiator valves and accessories along with the radiator units themselves. CIR4U offers both Thermostatic Radiator Valves – self-regulating valves that allow each radiator to be set independently – and manual radiator valves, while the accessories include wall stays, radiator tail extensions, bypass valves, sleeve kits and adapters and reducers.

Cast iron radiators are commonly assumed to be suitable only in traditionally decorated homes. While it is true that the more ornate versions are an ideal complement in a traditional setting, the plainer, less decorative versions have become increasingly sought after in modern homes. They are highly customisable – available in a variety of sizes, colours and finishes – which makes them flexible when it comes to matching them to décor.

Steve Jordan, Marketing Manager at Cast Iron Radiators 4U, highlights this range of styles as a key feature of the new site’s product range.

“The sheer range of styles and finishes we are able to offer our customers mean that customers get an almost bespoke radiator. This is thanks to affordable construction and customisation methods, meaning there has never been a better time to launch this new site,” he says. “As well as some very high quality brands, our high standards meant we designed and constructed our own brand radiators right here the UK. We’ve complemented this with some quality Italian radiators that meet our high standards of quality.”

The site aims to make customers’ choices easier by showcasing each radiator type and accessory and complementing this with high levels of expertise and advice. Aiming to compete with high street outlets, CIR4U offers 10 year guarantees on all purchases and a 14 day money back guarantee.

Customers are attracted to cast iron radiators particularly for their high heat output. This means they are often cheaper to run as they retain heat while the central heating system is switched off. They are also easy to maintain – though polished finishes require frequent oiling to prevent rusting – while the material used means that they can last a lifetime.

All in all, the site has everything going for it – expertise and specialists in the field and a full range of excellent quality products.