Building a Multi-Niche Photography Business: TogTools Podcast with Fstoppers …

The Fstoppers series continues on over at the TogTools podcast, with the latest session bringing you fascinating insights from our senior writer, Noam Galai. If you regularly read Fstoppers, you’re aware of Noam’s compelling story known as “The Stolen Scream.” Noam speaks with co-hosts Stephen and Jess Robertson both about how his experience with the Stolen Scream has inspired him, as well as sharing his thoughts on building a successful career for yourself through a highly-engaged and ambitious work ethic.

Noam’s knowledge in photography is widespread, and he has much to share about his passion. As a Getty Images editorial photographer focusing on entertainment, he shoots music, movie, sports, and celebrity events. Prior to Getty, he worked seven and a half years for AOL. As you can see, Noam has made a career out of not limiting himself to one niche in photography. He is able to work full-time as a freelance photographer because he has a versatile set of skills which make him applicable to any occasion Getty might send him to. If you have an interest in editorial photography, or are just seeking some inspiration and motivation for whatever your craft, see that you watch this impressive interview.

From now until Fall, a video will be released every week featuring one of the Fstoppers writers. Topics range from food photography, concert photography, commercial photography, wedding photography and more. These podcasts are focused on the business side, such as how to advertise, brand and break into markets.

Below is the tentative schedule of the release dates and the topics that will be covered, links back to each photographer’s Fstoppers profile as well as links to their past interviews with the TogTools crew.

8/5/14: Lee Morris Why You Should Deliberately Start Small

8/12/14: Lindsey PantaleoHow to Treat Your Photography Business Like a Real Business

8/19/14: Adam OttkeBuilding Your Business with the Right Gear

8/26/14: Rebecca BrittBreaking into Concert Photography

9/9/14: Noam GalaiCopyright Building a Multi-niche Photography Business

9/16/14: Taylor Mathis – The Business of Food Photography

9/23/14: Sarah Williams – Infusing YOU Into Your Brand

9/30/14: Clay Cook – Fashion, Editorial and Advertising Photography

10/7/14: Zach Sutton – How to Develop Photography Education Products and Services

10/14/14: Jaron Schneider – Where Video is Headed and How it Will Be Utilized Differently

10/21/14: David Bickley – Understanding the Subtleties of Negotiations With High Profile Clients

10/28/14: Patrick Hall – Building a Relationship-based Photography Business

Please visit the TogTools website to watch each episode. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to watch for newly released podcasts.