Niche vs. Mass Manufacturing: Who's Got It Good?

Greenpoint design center.

Why can you tell me about your experience?

Our buildings have been 100% occupied by small venue — manufacturers.

We are cruelly seeing a building that is not finished being renovated.

That will not come online until the end of the first quarter.

We have two thirds of at least.

Comment on the topic of manufacturing in the u.s. fran is talking about one line and you represent all out more.

Give us an idea of those that you represent right now.

I would say the jury is still out on the long-term strength of manufacturing but we are seeing some processing signs.

The number was good for august and we have had a couple of good months of jobs numbers.

Where only 30% of the way back in recovering the jobs that were lost during the great recession in manufacturing.

We’re seeing a lot of strength in the auto sector.

We are seeing that their domestic car sales and also some of the card companies investing in their facilities and opening new ones in bringing product lines back from mexico.

It is possible, there is still some data points we could improve upon.

Capacity utilization.

I would like to see the jobs number go back up.

On balance the future stream right form a fracturing.

Give us the details of this engine plant in mexico relocating its operations to the u.s. a lot of people had written off the detroit three and the uaw as a goto source for this is the second and since where we have seen that one of the detroit three re-sure some production from mexico.

We saw others do it before and the kelly — cadillac plant that had been shuttered produced the line for gm.

That is really good news for manufacturing.

There will be some jobs created in the supply chain.

It is great for a community like spring which is really a manufacturing to send it town.

Give us an example of some of the businesses, may fracturing and prices that you have held relocate.

With the — this is the custom jewelry maker and architectural woodworker.

The customer through this making costumes for broadway or legoland.

The graco if it was made in our really.

What about the workforce that is being applied?

If we see a younger, brighter, more educated group with degrees that are starting out of design school and want to be here because this is where the labor pool is, this is where the brains are.

What can other cities due to replicate the success you have been able to have.

What you need served to make it happen.

We have had that support it you agree is important here.

There are not a lot of tools and not on — we have a limited number of tools available to us and we are able to cobble them together and get it done.

We take old industrial stock that most modern manufacturers would team obsolete.

Multistory buildings.

We are able to divide those buildings, retrofit them and create business for industries.

Would hazard — what has been your experience working with local governments?

They had been writing off manufacturing and we did see about 63,000 facilities eliminated in the u.s. from 2000-2009 but you do see this resurgence with the makers, the smaller craft manufacturers and there is a real value for that.

If you think about it is the next extension of the former market and the food people had to get and a local may fracturing you see it in his right area do see it in philadelphia and that combined was on the larger scale advancements that we have seen . you’re seeing small-scale and large-scale manufacturing being rediscovered and it is important that they get the right policy support at the local level in federal level.

This is an industry that could be located anywhere.

In china, japan, and mexico.

We need the right policies to