Shiloh vapor shop follows niche trend

As the latest trend of e-cigarettes grows nationwide, new local business owner, Demondre Cotton said he?s excited about his new business, The Vapory at 2417 Lebanon Ave., in the Village of Shiloh.

?We are e-cigarette and e-vapor shop,? Cotton said. ?As far as the demographic we reach out to, it?s pretty widespread (within) the 18 and above crowd. Those who are or were predominantly smokers are the ones, I would guess, make up the customer base that (frequents) us most.?

Although there isn?t currently firm laws regarding e-cigarettes or e-vapor products, Cotton said his business? mission is steadfast about certain policies.

?The vaping and electronic cigarettes is a growing market, it?s not specifically and officially labeled as a cessation tool by the Federal Drug
Administration (FDA), but that?s what most people use it for as a form of smoking cessation,? Cotton said. ?There isn?t a law so much in Illinois that prohibits minors from using these things at this point, but as a business it?s definitely something we don?t want to do, serve minors because there is still the option of having nicotine or not.?

This alternative to cigarette smoking has been touted by the niche market in recent years as providing what is observed to be a safer way to carry on a vice that millions struggle with every day, according to Cotton.

Cotton?s recent Shiloh business endeavor beginning in March, all started as a result of trying to kick his own 16-year habit using other methods like the Nicotine Patch and Gum, as well as the prescription medicine Chantix, which didn?t work for him.
Although the business is only a few months old, Cotton said business has had a great start with a promising future.

?We?re a new business so we haven?t completely taken off, but we do solid business with a growing customer base,? Cotton said. ?It keeps getting larger by the week, which we hope to continue expanding, possibly even open some more locations if our pace continues.?

There are a variety of brands, types and models that can be put into three different categories of users with each one having it?s own popular set ups.

?We have lots of different options–it really is a smorgasbord,? Cotton added. ?For people getting introduced to the idea of it, there?s a basic set up called Ego, that people tend to go after commonly when they?re getting rolling with the idea.?

Ego is a type of style of e-cigarette represented by varying companies, which Cotton said the most Ego product sold at his shop, for the time being, is called a Spinner by a company called Vision.

?It?s a variable voltage device that allows you to change the power that the battery of this electronic cigarette outputs,? Cotton explained. ?So it?s really popular with a lot of my customers because it gives the individual more control over this vapor they?re taking in and out.?

In the intermediate user range there is a device called ITaste MVP, which is more of an advanced set up, but not quite the hobbyist level of vaping, Cotton said.

?It?s a pretty inclusive kit that serves a lot of good functions that a lot of people tend to go after,? Cotton said. ?From there is the hobbyist level, if you will, like the mechanical mods which doesn?t have the computer chip regulation like some of the ITaste MVP have allowing the hobbyist to do all of the tinkering and adjustments autonomously.?

The mechanical mods are most commonly referred to as Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDA), Cotton said.

?People completely build those up themselves. All of these products (on this level) have heating elements in them and pre-wrapped coils that are wrapped yourself and then you make the adjustments to your battery tube to fit more snugly,? Cotton said. ?When you?ve mastered the craft you can get it to the point where it really works well for you.?

According to Cotton, some of the adjustments that can be made by the user range from increasing or decreasing the amount of vapor to altering the level of warmth of the vapor to suit his or her needs.

?We carry a variety of vaporizers and e liquids. We create many flavors on site and we also carry blends from other vendors,? Cotton added.

?Our products vary often too because there?s always newer items coming out into the market.?

The Vapory is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and noon to 5 p.m. on Saturdays.

For more information visit The Vapory on Facebook.
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