Magna Tiles 100 Pieces Set Best Review

2 right triangles make a square, dices, isosceles, pyramids therefore a lot more! These tactile and colorful these Magna-Tiles can be utilized in a range of means for both education and fun. The standard shapes are translucent and colorful, simple to make use of, and simply the right size to produce designs on a flat surface– or they could also be utilized in structure 3-D designs.

Magna-Tiles permit hours of innovative play and design, letting each child to explore the many possibilities, and discover about geometry with shapes in their hands. Alone, the Magna-Tiles work perfectly, however they can likewise be used with the solid colored Magna-Tiles to make skylights, windows, etc. The alternatives for activities are essentially unlimited with this Magna-Tiles set, it is a best addition for both the house or classroom.

The Item

These vibrant and bright tiles prepare to make use of right out the box, and consists of:.

– 50 Small Squares. – 4 Large Squares. – 20 Equilateral Triangles. – 11 Right Triangles. – 15 Isosceles Triangles.

There are practically hours of designs that can be developed with the Magna-Tiles. Not only is this play fun, however learning, and enables both guided/supervised activity along with general exploration. Dealing with the Magna-Tiles also helps children explore shape recognition, and patterns while building motor skills. The capability to deal with the colorful tiles on both flat surface areas and in 3-D permits much more innovative play. Magna-Tiles are likewise best for multi-child or single activity.


A game that is both enjoyable and educational is an evident succeed. Magna-Tiles allow for both a kid’s creativity in design as well as discovering about geometrical shapes, and exactly how they fit together.

The design is likewise resilient, making them ideal for kids. Magna-Tiles are also easy to clean and store; the truth that they are flat and magnetic make them simple to stack, so they do not take up much space.

The magnets are also safe for children, as they’re totally enclosed in plastic and can not come out. All these truths make Magna-Tiles an excellent investment, and it’s a durable game that will supply educational stimulation to any child.


The greatest con is maybe the rate; this game is absolutely a financial investment, and potentially a worthy investment as kids can become this game. At times, the magnets are not as strong as we might like, making a few of the 3-D deigns virtually unattainable.

However, if you can get around the cost, and the truth that the magnets are at times a little weaker than anticipated, this product is incredibly effective and delivers precisely what it markets.

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