Wal-Mart Bank Exploits Working Poor Niche: Grisanti

Waiting for retail to get into banking.

This finally going to work?


i think what is happening at walmart, yet these branches that are exploiting a niche that is been exploited.

The working poor who can’t get credit elsewhere in the can’t cash your checks.

There is no new new here.

You remember beneficial finance, household international.

This is the same idea.

Full that over into the market.

Financials are up in moonshot.

Would you do with the too big to fail banks?

You start saying that the government is looking for stability.

Stability means low roe’s. now, within this debate, you and i have never seen a four-year market like this centered on a great distortion.

Win never seen balance sheets this big.

We have never seen highs in stocks where we are, and we have never seen growth is low.

When does that convergence actually collapse?

I will tell you very one of two things is going to happen.

We are seeing the best unemployment numbers would’ve seen since 2007. on the other hand, using that long bond going from three percent down to 2.65. when i come on in six months, you are the long bond will be — are you with the group that says no?

I feel like charlie brown where lucy keeps pulling away the football.

When scott was a kid, she used to — i would say i prefer it here.

We have higher growth in europe and markets would no growth.

Most exciting thing to happen in emerging markets is the election of modi in india.

For the first time in 20 years, equity money is coming to the united states.

We talked about the manufacturing renaissance.

This is our time in the sun.

Could that have defective slowing down the growth you’re talking about?

I think it is a market of stocks.

We’re looking at autos and airlines and refiners.

These are american industrialist that are really having a comeback.

We think we are halfway there and have more to go.

They end up lending less.

Doing less lending overall, extending less credit.

Won’t that have a larger effect?

We just had jodie on and she’s talking about all these folks.

They’re making midtier loans.

There are a lot of were to get money out of the economy.

The problem is, no one is lending.

Problem is that people don’t feel confident enough to borrow.

As boring as it sounds, as only way to go.

If you are afraid, that is the only path.

It would be stupid if you put all your money and now and then it goes down a thousand points.

Three years from now when i come back, the economy will grow in two percent-three percent a year and we would be much better off now.

200% in cash.

I want to focus on ma. we will get an announcement today or tomorrow.

Att potentially to buy direct