Fills Market Niche as Vaping Becomes Overwhelmingly Popular

PLEASANT HILL, Calif., May 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — With Vaping taking over in the social scene, we can see how this industry is one of the fastest-growing businesses in America. With more than 3,500 independent vape shops around the country and a plethora of virtual online vape stores on the web such as, sales are projecting over $3 billion within the next five years. Vaping isn’t just a business, it is also a lifestyle and is quickly becoming a hobby. With limited edition e-cig mods such as the Surefire Vapors King, they are becoming quite collectable. This leaves wanting vapors looking to buy them once they have been sold out at retail locations. So, where do these hobbyists buy, sell, or trade these sought-out collectibles? On It is one of the fastest-growing vape classified ad sites in the world. The Vape Trader brings buyers and sellers from the vaping community together to help them buy, sell or trade their vape-related items. has been called, “The ‘Craigslist’ of the vaping community,” by Mike, a user on the site’s reviews. Like all collectibles, people enjoy owning items for a certain length of time until something new catches their eye. Then, they try to sell or trade their unwanted item for another and provides that gateway for them.

Logo – is filling a niche in the market by providing users a platform to connect buyers, sellers, and traders around the world. The site is simple to use and comparable to Craigslist but is strictly for the e-cig industry. They only allow vaporizer products geared towards e-liquid, a flavored liquid nicotine, and steer away from the e-cig type vaporizers created for marijuana products. “I created the site to bring people together and help them find that coveted item,” says George, the owner of For anyone who would like to take part in the vaping community has a online forum that allows users to get together and have a conversation or gain general knowledge about vaping. The Vape Trader also has a large community following on Instagram that offers vape-related giveaways by sharing posts and tagging with @TheVapeTrader. “We take pride in giving back to our users,” says George. He mentions that, “We wouldn’t have a company without them and we want to show our appreciation for their support.” is helping build a community that is about camaraderie by having something in common with others while allowing them to buy, sell, or trade vape items. While vaping with friends socially is becoming something very common these days, The Vape Trader strives to provide that same experience online by bringing people together through its website and other social networking outlets.

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