Tustin woman fills niche in kids’ e-book market

Not your average children’s books

Calee Lee, Xist’s founder and chief executive, has made a point of publishing books about strong women figures, characters representing a variety of races and backgrounds and narratives based on Christian stories and legends.

“History’s Witches”

A profile of 13 women falsely accused of witchcraft who were often executed. Recommended for ages 9-16.

Excerpt: “Bridget Bishop … was a smart independent woman who had been married three times. She was accused of witchcraft by her second husband’s children when they feared she would take claim of their inheritance. During her trial, she denied the accusations and refused to answer questions. She was convicted and sentenced to death after the investigators claimed she bore the devil’s mark. These “marks” were merely birthmarks or moles – which almost everyone is born with.”

“What Is a Family?”

A QA book about different families – a mom and dad, a mom and child, a dad and child, etc. One page features two men and a baby about to board a plane. The moral is that families may come in different forms but one thing remains the same: love.

Excerpt: “This family is going on a vacation! Has your family ever taken a trip together? Where did you go?”

“The Legend of the Cross”

A story about the tree that was used for the wood to construct a cross for Christ.

Excerpt: “King Solomon had no choice but to agree for the holy tree to be cut down. But once cut, this beam was like no other! One minute it was long, the next it was short. It would not fit anywhere. It curled at the edges and refused to be placed in the temple. When King Solomon saw the wood change size he became alarmed. ‘Perhaps I made a mistake, and God has another plan for it!'”

Source: Xist Publishing

Where there was a need, there was mom Calee Lee. She started Xist Publishing, her Irvine-based digital publishing company, in 2011 after she was hard-pressed to find a decent digital children’s book to read to her then-4-year-old daughter Audrey.

“I said, ‘Well, I’ll make you one, honey,’” she said. Three years later, Lee has published more than 180 titles as Xist Publishing and turned Audrey’s old playroom into a home office in Tustin.

Wanting to focus on stories that could …

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