Review: 'Hot Guys With Guns' an appealing niche comedy-mystery

With a title like “Hot Guys With Guns,” actor turned writer-director Doug Spearman’s niche comedy-mystery aimed at pop culture-savvy gays makes plain its intentions — titillation, tension and titters — and for the undiscerning, it’s likely to deliver.

After a chicly designed credit sequence that appealingly spoofs James Bond openings, we settle on caustically friendly exes Danny (a likable Marc Anthony Samuel), a sweet-faced out-of-work actor taking private eye classes, and Patrick/Pip (Brian McArdle), idly rich and living in the Hollywood Hills with his nutty mom (an unrestrained Joan Ryan). 

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When a series of robberies at private gay sex parties hits close to home, Pip asks new gumshoe Danny (trained by a charmingly gruff PI played by Alan Blumenfeld) to help him solve the crimes. In time-honored Nick-and-Nora fashion, that leads to a modicum of peril with a lot of bantering, and the occasional piquant observation about secrets, fame and sex in a notoriously image-conscious industry.

If the material isn’t always smooth or funny or well-thought-out, the tone and spirit are agreeably light, with a visual sophistication for a meager budget that’s admirable.

“Hot Guys With Guns.” No MPAA rating. Running time: 1 hour, 50 minutes. At the Downtown Independent, Los Angeles. 


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