Premier Agent Spotlight: Realtor finds real estate niche in the medical field

Monica McNeill, a top-producing Realtor with RE/MAX Metro, has found her niche in the real estate market. Even though she works with clients from all walks of life, the majority of her business comes from the medical field.

“Many physicians are relocating to the Texas Medical Center for work, to finish their residency, and medical faculty are also moving here for positions. Ninety percent of my clients are referrals or repeat customers. When a physician’s residency is complete, they usually begin looking at different type of home or a different location,” McNeill said.

Before McNeill went into real estate though, she was a speech and language pathologist so she was connected to the medical field. Her husband is a doctor and her son-in-law is a cardiologist, who both refer co-workers to her.

Moreover, McNeill has been in the real estate industry more than 30 years, and her clients have continued to give her a five-star rating for her services in helping them reach their real estate goals.

McNeill contributes her success to sincerely caring about clients, working hard to help them find the perfect home, being a skilled negotiator, staying educated about the market and being on call 24/7.

“Due to the Internet, when perspective buyers call they have already been looking and may have 10 or so homes they want to see that day, so I’m there,” McNeill said.

McNeill tells her clients to be prepared to write a contract for full price when they find a house they like and to be pre-qualified.

“I do not encourage my clients to go over list price because there could be issues with the appraisal. If the house does not appraise for over the list price, we may not find out until we are three weeks or so down the road, so we have lost time,” McNeill said.

Even with the Internet though, educating clients about the process and the market is important.

“I do not see my clients as clients, but as family, as friends. I build relationships with my clients and this relationship starts the moment I meet them, if they are coming from out-of-town, locally or internationally. First, I like to meet with them, go over some basics and educate them on the Houston Market that is changing almost daily,” McNeill said.

Ninety-nine percent of her clients continue to stay in touch long as friends long after they close on their home, she said.

Since she obtained her real estate licenses, she has continued taking courses. At 50 years old, she returned to college for her Master of Business Administration at St. Thomas University, Houston, to learn more about the business aspects.

“The MBA armed me with skills to help my buyers. I love real estate, I love meeting new people, new buyers, and I want to be the best I can be, top-notch knowledgeable, to be able to provide the best service,” McNeill said.

McNeill thoroughly enjoys first-time home buyers.

“First-time buyers trust and respect their Realtor and depend on them so much to guide them. So I am very careful to be totally honest with them. When we are looking at a home and they say they love it and want to write a contract, I asked them to pause and look at the home not just for today but for years to come,” McNeill said.

For example, a young couple may want a home they see, but the master bedroom is downstairs and the other bedrooms are up. This may not work well when they begin having a family, with babies and young ones upstairs.

“So many people ask me if I would buy the home of their choice for one of my two daughters, and if I would not (I) then tell them the truth, and I explain why. I am totally honest with my clients and apply the Golden Rule, which is very important,” McNeill said.

McNeill, is an award-winning Realtor, consistently has been a top producer at RE/MAX Metro and is a Platinum Club Level Award recipient for production.

“Yes, I have won many awards, which is an honor, but what is really important is my clients. They come first, their goals come first, and I work hard and put in long hours to ensure they are successful in finding the home of their dreams or selling their home. It isn’t the awards I work for, I work for my clients,” McNeill said