keep the conversation light during a fashion photo shoot

The best way to behave as a fashion model on the photoshoot 

I have been there, you get to a photoshoot thinking you are hottest thing on earth earth and everybody will bow for your requirements. Then the reality sinks in. You’ll find 4 more models better yet looking than as well as nobody is attending to when you walk in. The photo assistants are busy establishing and adjusting large softboxes on photo strobes, the wardrobe stylists are busy unpacking the apparel and steaming out wrinkles. The makeup artist remains to be busy starting her makeup station and cleaning her brushes. Along with the photographer and client are nowhere can be found they are probably having a last meeting in today’s world.

Lucky in your case there exists a catering station and you also pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and grab a bowl of fruit doing your far better to stay away from the delicious looking donut that had your business into it. You’re a fashion model so you don&rsquot want visitors to think you don&rsquot care. You want the other models settle yourself in the lounge area and pretend you are very busy texting together with your friends while you’re actually checking your facebook page and checking non existing emails and twittering your latest confirmation of the successful fashion modeling career.

Finally after about an hour someone calls your reputation and your job starts off with hair and makeup. During this process you’re striking up a not so formal conversation together with the artist applying the skill of allowing you to prettier. Keep your conversation light, don&rsquot discuss religion or politics or sexual preference!

Once everybody is in hair and makeup along with the wardrobe has been fitted you might begin to see the photographer and client appearing. Sometimes its difficult to separate the photographer in the assistants but you’ll notice who is giving and taking orders. Be excellent for the photographer and the client. These 2 people are paying your check! Don’t let yourself be overly nice because edge in the game work each day and definately will smell BS an arms length away. Also never offer yourself for future shoots of course, if they inquire relating to your availability you refer these to your agent. Be polite about this and inform you we imagine you are however you don&rsquot know your schedule exactly. 

Once on set be professional and offer you to ultimately the photographer with professional poses and if you are a lttle bit stiff as well as a new comer to the business of fashion modeling ask the photographer and even client what they’re searching for: happy, serious, posy, natural etc.  this will open a conversation and will make the photographer more ready to help you.

Keep the day happy and airy, keep the conversations like and stay approachable, remember you happen to be building a working relationship as well as a job is simply a success when you are getting booked over and over!