New Niche Stock Image Website, PhotoAbility, Offers Unique Photos of Models with Disabilities

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PhotoABility Founders

As a photographer with a disability and as a marketing/PR person who constantly needs photography, I know all too well how rare it is to find quality photos related to disabilities. A site that specializes will be a valuable resource.

Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) February 11, 2014

PhotoAbility features a wide selection of stock images of authentic models with disabilities focused in lifestyle, leisure and travel settings. Images available include diverse stock photos of people in wheelchairs, amputees, the hearing and visually impaired and more. These photos capture the models enjoying playgrounds, going out to formal events, playing sports, shopping, working, relaxing at the beach, dating and getting married, traveling and much more.

PhotoAbility represents the one billion people with disabilities across the globe, and is one more fighting voice for the entire disability community. This unique market, together with their family and friends, spends billions of dollars all over the world in travel and lifestyle sectors every year. However, this powerful and growing segment of society is rarely seen or acknowledged in advertising or editorial images. PhotoAbility has resolved to bring the disabled community back into mainstream media.

“There is an underlying feeling of subconscious exclusion toward people with disabilities which is pervasive in our society. My feeling is the subconscious exclusion is, in part, due to outdated images of people with disabilities. PhotoAbility is creating a shift from subconscious exclusion to conscious inclusion with updated images of people with disabilities that are reflecting the truth about disability, that it’s only another life experience. And experiences in our live always expand our possibilities. PhotoAbility is expanding every ones possibilities!” – Candace Cable Competitive Athlete/Gold winning ParaOlympian • Jan 1979 to May 2006

“As a photographer with a disability and as a marketing/PR person who constantly needs photography, I know all too well how rare it is to find quality photos related to disabilities. A site that specializes will be a valuable resource.” – Loren Worthington

Industry leaders, graphic design and advertising professionals and publication editors can use PhotoAbility’s offering of high quality stock photos to incorporate a renewed message of inclusion into their advertisements and publications, extending a welcoming message to this significant market of people with disabilities, their friends and families.

“Stock image buyers can now find an exclusive source for creative, positive and refreshing imagery depicting individuals, from youths to seniors, who happen to have disabilities,” said Deborah Davis, co-founder of “These images can depict an inclusive message to customers and show how companies value the economic impact of customers with varying physical abilities.” Deborah was recently named New Mobility Magazines “Person of Year” for her work creating PhotoAbility.

At, visitors can browse the photo gallery, purchase images or contact the company to inquire about creating custom photos shoots representing specific interests and properties. PhotoAbility can provide anything from a general photo concept to a full marketing analysis, as well as models and advice on how to authentically and realistically portray people with disabilities in a natural setting.

Photographers are invited to submit their photos for inclusion and portfolio hosting in the PhotoAbility library, as well. All photos selected can earn up to 45 percent commission on each sale.

The 2000+ inclusive images depicted in the PhotoAbility gallery are designed to impact attitudinal bias, change perception and provide motivation to eliminate and reduce social, structural and professional barriers. A wave of change reflected in popular media and advertising can make an impact on laws and attitudes around the globe, and on how many with differing abilities view themselves.

For more information and to view’s positive, inclusive Stock Images, please visit

Deborah Davis, 49 year-old mother of two and co-owner of PhotoAbility, became part of the disabled community when a car accident left her paralyzed from the chest down at 18 years of age. Bill Forrester, from Melbourne is a former senior executive and now International Inclusive Tourism Advocate and photographer.They have partnered to launch their new niche company, PhotoAbility, whose goal is to change how the public views, accepts and welcomes people with disabilities in mainstream society around the world.

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