Nation's Top Originator at First Mortgage Corporation Offers Advice to Borrowers


A marketing maxim says, “In business, leave no niche unfilled.” Gary Chase of First Mortgage Corporation (FMC) took this maxim and made it a business.

In addition to being one of FHA’s top originators, this December Chase was named one of Mortgage Professional America’s (MPA) Hot 100. The mortgage veteran of more than 34 years says he achieved his success through a narrowed focus to be number one within his chosen niche.

“As early as 1988 I decided to concentrate my efforts: First, on refinances, and second on the top FHA spot. While I do all the other loans including VA, conventional, down payment assistance and the rest, I wanted to find a small niche and stick with it,” said Chase.

Chase’s focus has come to pay off in the last few years as he’s racked up the highest number of FHA originations of anyone in the nation. He also placed highly in the MPA categories ‘Most Loans Closed’ and ‘Top Dollar Volume.’

“Gary is the nation’s best example of how lenders can help those who already have a mortgage but may benefit from a refinance. There are so many ways to reach out to our borrowers and he sees all of them,” said FMC President Clem Ziroli Jr.

“Since mortgages are a major indicator of the country’s economic health, the role that originators play in this economy is vital. People like Gary and his hard working processors and underwriters make a difference in the lives of borrowers each and every day,” added Ziroli.

Chase also credits his success to his support staff. “Many of my processors have been with me for more than 20 years. They’re very well trained by FMC to remain on top of the FHA changes day to day. Their knowledge has been a huge contribution to my success.”

Chase advises borrowers: “Know your own niche and shop accordingly. For example, FMC knows better than anyone how to help those with credit issues or down payment assistance needs. And, of course, I specialize in refinancing. So, if you are a person with these needs, if this is your niche, you shop lenders like FMC. Match your particular needs as a borrower to mortgage lenders who specialize in those needs.”


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