Business Forms Retailer, Print EZ Now Specializes in Custom Forms Designed Specifically for Different Business Types

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With the recent launch customers can get a specific custom business forms created by Print EZ experts in order to make business workflow easy.

Monroe, NY (PRWEB) January 02, 2014

Online custom business forms retailer Print EZ has taken the game to another level with complete customization of all business forms. There is no need for any customer to live with standard business forms that may not apply to the specific industry or niche that the company is in. With this new offering from Print EZ, a company in any niche can get specific business forms designed with relevant details.

The process works extremely smoothly. The customer details out the requirements of the customized business form to the Print EZ designers. Then the customized business form is prepared and shared with the client. The process of finalizing the custom business form design is an iterative one but at the end of the process the client has a form that is exactly suited to the needs of the niche.

Says Morris Rose, CEO Print EZ, “This offer has been conceptualized on an understanding that every business is different and there is a need for standardization across all levels of the business. When relevant and specific information is provided in the business form, mistakes are less likely to occur down the line when these forms are being filled; leading to higher levels of inefficiencies. Print EZ believes in bringing savings via these inefficiencies in client businesses.”

What is also interesting to note is that the design process for customized business forms is not another existing business form. The process starts with a blank sheet of paper where details pertaining to only the specific business are entered and added. In addition to that there are no limitations to the kind of design that a customer can request for. This gives clients a free hand in the kind of forms the company wants to work with.

Print EZ believes that the company has shown real partnership by appreciating and understanding customer requirements. The company feels that with this step Print EZ has gone the extra mile. In the words of the marketing manager, “There is no doubt that time is money. With these customized business forms client employees down the line save significant time on writing out details from scratch. A couple of ticks on the form is all that is required to fill in the details of a new request order or create a document to be sent with an overseas parcel courier. Print EZ also believes that with this offering, the company has expanded the market that business forms caters to immensely.”

No one can counter that fact that Print EZ has expanded its clientele manifold by making this customized offering. In addition to that the company will also be able to generate industry specific and relevant forms of all kinds without having to research specific industries. Irrespective of whether the client is looking for an order form, a bill of lading, a repair form or anything else, the details can be created from scratch. Such is the power of this new offering.

New ideas are flowing in from Print EZ. The spate of new initiatives akin to this one has placed the company among the top online retailers for business forms.

Get more information about how Print EZ offers and new launches on custom business forms at or here you can call the company at 1-888-246-0635.

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