John Leguizamo Finds His Niche

John Leguizamo, Justin Long, Amanda Seyfried and Dee and Tommy Hilfiger attended Sunday morning’s special screening of the 3-D animated movie, “Walking with Dinosaurs,” at the City Cinemas on Third Avenue.

Musician Chris Cornell and family at ‘Walking With Dinosaurs,’ in which John Leguizamo voices a Late Cretaceous bird.
WireImage/Getty Images

In the movie—a science-and-nature film with elements of 1988’s “The Land Before Time”—Mr. Leguizamo plays a Late Cretaceous bird, an Alexornis named Alex.

He has done this time period before, he said, as a ground sloth named Sid in the Fox animated movie “Ice Age.”

“It’s kind of my niche,” he explained. “All they need is your voice. You can go and record it in your underwear.”

On Sunday, Mr. Leguizamo was wearing an expensive black Calvin Klein jacket he said was made of “dinosaur skin.” (It looked more like some kind of contemporary lizard.)

After the movie, there was an afterparty at Dylan’s Candy Bar next store, where tiny tot guests decorated dinosaur cookies and finished off plenty of dinosaur gummy candy.

—Marshall Heyman