Be Big

The foundation of calcium to bolster bones and teeth of babies in the period of active growth

Complex for youngsters, great for the phase of active growth, depending on calcium, silicon and vitamin D3, that directly target progression of the skeletal system. Vitamin D3 provides for assimilation of calcium within the body, which is absolutely indispensable for formation of the navicular bone, and then for the proper performance of heart, nervous and muscular systems. Calcium is needed for formation of healthy tissue of both baby and permanent teeth. The item alleviates nervous and muscular over-excitability. Silicon inside the bamboo powder improves assimilation of calcium, participates in the formation of ligaments, cartilages and joints. Apart from it participates in phosphorus metabolism, thus strengthens teeth enamel and prevents caries, which can be particularly relevant for changing of baby teeth into permanent teeth.

Direct Hit for youngsters


Direct Hit&mdashvitamins for youngsters


Vitamin and mineral complexes for children happen to be developed by in france they pharmaceutical company Arkopharma and produced in Ireland. They comprise an ideal pair of major vitamins, macro- and microelements to get a growing body. These complexes contain all vitamins, minerals and plant ingredients, indispensable for correct growth and development of a young child.

Direct Hit complexes for the children strengthen the body’s defence mechanism, sustain formation of locomotor apparatus, support physical activity and make certain proper physical and mental development. Besides, they’re very tasty. The result of Direct Hit complexes is clear&mdashthey provide for balanced continuing development of a kid at all stages of active growth.

Main functions of Junior Be Big:

  • Strengthens child&rsquos body with required vitamin supplements back then of active growth
  • Prevents retardation of growth and faults in posture
  • Facilitates proper formation and increase of sound teeth and bones
  • Strengthens tooth enamel, precludes caries
  • Facilitates faster healing of fractures
  • Contributes to prevention of scoliosis and growth disorders
  • Promotes complete absorption of calcium within the child&rsquos body
  • Reduces neuro-muscular excitability.


Bamboosil powder (Bambusa bambos) – (improves absorption of calcium, participates within the formation of tendons, cartilages and joints, takes part in phosphorus metabolism, thus strengthens enameled and prevents caries. almost all of the important for the whole process of changing of baby teeth into grinding teeth. this complex ensures normal skeletal development and helps kids avoid growth retardation and faults in posture)

Calcium – (helps form healthy dental tissue of baby teeth and grinding teeth. additionally, it reduces excessive nervous and muscular excitability)

Sucrose (maltodextrine) – (promotes binding of complement to red blood cells)

Vitamin D3 – (improves the absorption of calcium required to form bone tissues, normal performance of heart, nervous and muscular systems.

Vitamin B1 – (Promotes growth and enhances the overall central nervous system)

Further Information

The recommended daily intake should not be exceeded

Ideas for use
Children from age of 6: take one chewable tablet daily each morning.

Net weight: 51 g

Storage conditions
To become trapped in an excellent dry place, protected against light.

Manufactured By
Nutripharma Ltd, Unit 507, Western Estate, Waterford Industrial Estate, Waterford, Ireland.

Shelf life
three years.

Note: Junior Be Big has become clinically tested for safety and effectiveness.