Targeting Weird Niche Audiences for Links

Want to know an extremely successful strategy to get links and gain rankings? This one is actually a sub-strategy of the “limited edition” link building strategy.

Instead of making huge adaptations to your product or service, make small changes to make the product suitable for a weird niche audience.

The choice of your target audience should be illogical, but you should be able to defend it in the media. The fact that you created a special product specifically for that particular group of people makes you linkable.

Leftover Happy Hour

Here are a couple of examples:

  • “New dating site for LARP-ers” (Live Action Role Playing)
  • “Hyundai SUVs for midgets”
  • “Unique solar energy service for the Amish”
  • “Lingerie line suited for transsexuals”
  • “Restaurant leftover timeslot for poor people”
  • “Special car insurance for natural blonds”
  • “Trendy ‘high school’ bulletproof vests”
  • “Fast food discounts for recently divorced men”
  • “Strict celibacy group travel”

Once you’ve figured out what new audience you’re going to address, you can start attracting media attention.

Select various angles from which your story is interesting to different media.

Prepare enough background information for each angle on your website so you’re linkable to everybody.

Always try to involve any existing industry specific news sites. These will probably be interested in your explanation on why you see your new audience as an untouched market potential.

If your product has a technical aspect, make sure you’re able to explain the inner working and how that appeals to your unique audience. If your storyline can be interpreted as a stance for or against a certain viewpoint (or group), make sure you attract attention from both sides. If possible, try to get a discussion about the ethics of your approach going.

Try to roll out the story within a week or two. This way no one interprets it as yesterday’s news and they’ll all want their share of the story’s momentum.

If you need more time to contact all your preferred media partners, give them scoops under the embargo that they may only launch when the rest of your campaign does. This allows them to prepare the story and allows you to help and them in creating perfect link bait for your website.

Timing is key, but links and ranking are sure to follow.

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