Launches Niche Market Client Acquisition Service for Accountants

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TORONTO, Canada (PRWEB) August 03, 2013

The service will eliminate the need for accountants and small firms having to invest time, money and their people’s resources, developing and managing their own client acquisition sales programs, marketing systems and a way to generate a flow of pre-qualified leads to allow their practice to get found and retained by potential clients.

Instead, will provide this service on a national scale to bring bottom-line benefits to accountants across Canada and the USA by reaching into the client markets with the Find-an-Accountant-Near-You and Niche Marketing websites, social media marketing, digital advertising and search engines, to put accountants in the directory in front of small business owner managers and truckers looking for accountants located near their office or home base.

The idea for this service came from over 30 years owning and operating a small business and truckers bookkeeping and tax Services Company and having to create, manage and market the company client acquisition system and programs including the process management needed to acquire and maintain a steady flow of new clients.

For accountants to attract a steady flow of new clients to the firm, they will need to implement an ongoing marketing and advertising program that will keep their service in front of potential clients.

This Must Do Marketing, however, can be time and cost-prohibitive for the individual accountant or small firm.

With the service, singleton accountants and small firms who list their practice in the directories will benefit from having a no-cost, low effort, pro-active client acquisition marketing system that will bring potential clients to find them, bring referrals, pre-qualified leads and new client opportunities.

This service will enhance the Internet presence of accountants and gain them more visibility for their practice and provide them with a low effort and low-cost way to grow their client base.

In addition, to make it easy to distribute new client leads and referrals to accountants and small firms listed in the directories, an online leads distribution web page was created that allows accountants from the directories to log in and claim pre-qualified leads and referrals that fit their client type growth goals.

This way, accountants and small firms listed in the directories get to focus on responding to the direct enquiries from potential clients and serving the needs of the new clients they acquire through online leads and the find-an-accountant-near-you client acquisition system.


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