Bray Wyatt Has Found His Niche with the Wyatt Family in WWE

Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family made a significant impact on the July 8 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw when they attacked Kane after his match with Christian.  This debut marks the second time we have seen Wyatt on WWE’s main roster but this time around, everything has changed.

Bray Wyatt has found “it.”

We often talk about it as fans and usually hear it referenced by many in WWE; the “it” factor in professional wrestling.  It’s one of those topics that can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people, but for me, it’s all very simple.

Either you have it, or you don’t.  And brother, Bray Wyatt has it.

But that was not the case back in 2010, when Wyatt was known as Husky Harris.  During that time, Husky was nothing more than a big kid who was deceptively quick and athletic despite his size.  Fans seemed to appreciate his work, but as soon as he showed up, he disappeared without a trace.

However, Husky—whose real name is Windham Rotunda—found new life back in FCW.  He worked hard, gave everything he had and before long he managed to get his feet under him once again.  He also managed to completely revamp his character.

Husky Harris became Bray Wyatt, and when that happened, a whole new world of possibility began to open up.  In other words, Bray found “it.”

Windham Rotunda was meant to be Bray Wyatt.  Much in the same way that Steve Williams was meant to be Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mark Calaway was meant to be The Undertaker, Bray has found his niche.  He has found his audience.

And now the sky is the limit.


The fans have decided that Wyatt is in the right skin, that he looks and sounds the part, that he is totally believable in the role.  Despite what work WWE has done in prepping the crowd for the Wyatt Family’s arrival, the fact is that when the lights went up on the ring that anything could happen.

Erick Rowan and Luke Harper could have been laughed out of the building.  Bray Wyatt could have looked utterly ridiculous sitting in a rocking chair on the ramp.  The entire thing could have tanked and WWE creative would have been back to the drawing board once again.

But the vignettes that WWE ran over the past several weeks had a tremendous effect on fans.  The work that WWE put in to them definitely paid off.  However, it was Bray himself who made it all click.  He is the one who made fans believe.

He is as comfortable in his character as any WWE Superstar that we have ever seen.  When he talks, we listen.  When he stares into the camera, we feel it.  And when he laughs, it gives us chills.

This is what confidence can do for a guy.  Bray had to find himself; he had to find a way to put his talents to use and to get over with a crowd who is notoriously hard to please.  The WWE faithful know a phony when they see one.  They have decided that Bray Wyatt is doing the right thing, and that he is in the right gimmick.

Bray has their stamp of approval and really, is there a better affirmation of one’s ability in WWE?


The white elephant in the room demands that I remind everyone of the Husky Harris chants that rang out during the Wyatt Family’s attack on Kane.  I did not see it coming, as I’m sure that no one watching did.  Again, Bray has worked hard to get the point of being called back up to WWE’s main roster.  He could not have been happy when the crowd reacted the way they did, right?

But the truth is that Bray has come too far to let one chant bring him down or make him lose focus.  He is a pro and surely understands that when you get in front of a live audience that anything can happen.  Despite what the intention among fans was that night, the fact is that Wyatt was not fazed.

Because he has found his character.  He is committed to it and will likely do everything in his power to keep making it work.  Bray Wyatt is right at home now in WWE because he is right at home in his character.

Bray Wyatt has found it.  The search is over.