Mundipharma eyes niche marts in expansion bid







KUALA LUMPUR: Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd, a branch of global pharmaceutical conglomerate Mundipharma International, aims to aggressively expand its business within the next five years, according to Goh Sin Hua, its Business Unit’s head of ethical business.

“We are aggressively growing this company within the next five years. We are targeting ‘niche’ markets, like medications for lymphoma and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, as well as strengthening our portfolio in respiratory, antiseptics and pain management,” he told Business Times in an interview.

“We have a lot of pain management products in our portfolio but what we really want to draw on is the opioid,” said Goh.

An opioid is a synthetic narcotic that has tremendous benefits in pain management.

Mundipharma’s total sales of opioids is between RM5 million and RM6 million, and that’s just to hospitals. The Malaysian pain management market stands at around RM150 million a year.

“We’re educating healthcare professionals to get rid of the stigma of opioids. We’re also trying to educate the public that you do not need to bear the pain of your ailment. At certain doses as managed by a healthcare professional, the opioid is quite safe,” added Goh.