Integrated seasoning system enables niche snack flavor development, says TNA

Snack makers can easily develop niche and exotic flavors to run alongside traditional lines using TNA’s integrated wet and dry seasoning machine, says its MD.

TNA launched its wet and dry on-machine intelli-flav OMS 5 seasoning machine at Snackex last week in Gothenburg, Sweden. The stainless steel machine has improved seasoning and product weighing and a full clean-down design.

Speaking to, managing director Michael Green said the new machine opened up new product development opportunities for large and small snack makers.

“It’s so easy to bring new flavors to the market with this new model because you can introduce oil and seasoning together in one integrated machine,” Green said.

“You can create different flavor profiles with oils and seasoning… Flavors with an extended, multi-layer profile,” he said.

The previous model (3) also had wet and dry seasoning, but the oiling system was separate. In the latest model it is compressed into the design with wet and dry seasoning in one drum. 

The integrated system enables better control of adhesion and capability to make quick flavor changes.

TNA skipped model ‘4’ because the number is associated with death in many Asian and Southeast Asian regions 

Big and small appeal

The machine holds appeal to bigger international snack makers, as well as smaller firms, Green said.

“Front-line flavors will always be there, but there’s a really strong demand for new flavors that are international and exotic. However, these flavors are not produced at high volume,” he said.

“This new seasoning machine allows manufacturer to cater to these niche trends because they can run it on a single machine,” he added.

Snack makers can have the seasoning machine working on niche flavors alongside others dedicated to traditional seasoning, he explained.

“The big guys want the efficiency and to be able to run 80% traditional flavors against 20% new flavors. For the small players; it’s part of a way they can compete against the big fellas – but introducing new flavors,” he said.

Clean lines, end of production benefits

The seasoning machine works at the very end of the production line, right before bagging.

“There has been a big trend to move seasoning closer to packaging because of demands on flexibility and efficiency,” Green said.

There are advantages to this when it comes to allergen management and cleaning down, he said.

“If you’re seasoning in the kitchen, you’d have to be cautious of conveyors and lifts when it comes to allergens. All the machinery you have up until bag point would have to be cleaned down,” he said.

With separate dedicated seasoning machines at the end of line, manufacturers can clean down easily and separately, he added.