Catchfire Marketing Founder, Dr. Chandler George, Announces Exclusive New Niche Gym Opportunity for Medical …

DALLAS, June 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Chandler George, internationally recognized marketing authority, chiropractor and founder of Catchfire Marketing, announced that he’s now offering a new and exclusive gym service for dentists, chiropractors and physicians. The innovative program provides medical professionals with niche gyms in relationship to their practice and offers services for all ages, from seniors to children.

“The demand for services by the anti-aging movement is at an all-time high,” said George. “On the other end of the spectrum, there’s a desperate need for after school programs to address self-esteem, bullying and how to live healthier. This is a unique opportunity to make a real difference.”

The new program provides participants with everything needed to succeed. George and his team of professionals establish the gym for clients and market it for two years. Extensive and rigorous group training is provided for management, staff and trainers to ensure they have the skills to operate the endeavor.

Instruction is offered for all facets of the business, from working with children and other age specific groups, to proper opening and closing techniques. Webinars and discovery days on the business investment, opportunities, chiropractic marketing and new cash services are offered.

The baby boomer generation is the first in history to seek dynamic ways to remain fit, healthy and active. George’s gym program provides an attractive and enticing environment in which adults of all ages can pursue their health and fitness goals in a nurturing atmosphere.

The gyms cater to a wide range of family fitness needs, along with those with more ambitious desires. A comprehensive array of programs is offered for those who seek general fitness, along with individuals who entertain more ambitious desires, including medal seekers and marathon runners.

George’s gym program offers a wide variety of activities and opportunities for children through an inclusive after school program. Youngsters are picked up after school by van and transported to the gym. After a healthy snack, children can complete their homework or participate in any number of engaging activities.

Youth programs are specifically designed to build self-confidence and esteem. Children can participate in age appropriate workouts and learn anti-bullying techniques. Brazilian jiu-jitsu, mixed martial arts and other physically beneficial programs are available to motivate and inspire.

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The new niche gym program offered by George provides dentists, physicians and chiropractors with unique opportunities to expand their reach and revenues. The program offers extensive training on all aspects of the business and complete marketing services for two years, providing medical professionals with a business that accommodates the needs of a burgeoning clientele of fitness minded individuals.

Interested parties can contact Dr. Chandler by phone at 817-939-8345 to leave a message, email him at Email. This is a Performance Venture Team llc. company for gyms.