The History Of Giving Gifts

The History Of Present Giving Most of our traditions that we practice nowadays could be traced back to hundred years ago in mankind’s history. Among these traditions may be the custom of gift giving. If you don’t know, gift giving is definitely an ancient practice ever since dawn of humanity. In fact, in the ancient times, it’s customary that folks offer the high people in their society including their ethnic leaders some gifts in form of rare objects and natural substances like barks and reeds. This ancient custom, which is still a modern practice, is completed to signify respect, expression of allegiance and to procure favours. Throughout history, around the globe, there are multitudes of gift giving traditions. As a matter of fact, as part of ancient traditions, ancient people give presents to their Gods in forms of precious metals, jewellery, animal life and even human lives. In Egypt, among the most ostentatious gifts of their culture are the great pyramids and also the monuments of Pharaohs whom they revered as Gods. In the Roman culture, they give gifts to each other on special occasions and during the first day of the year. It’s customary to give sweet cakes because of the belief of making the upcoming year sweet, coins for affluence and lamps to light the trip through life. It is also a practice to offer small gifts to birthday celebrators. In the contemporary world where we live, presents are given for a wide array of reasons. We give presents for religious and cultural celebrations such as Christmas and Easter. In Singapore, it is also common to give away corporate gift Singapore. Corporate gifts are important in the business industry as corporate gifts build relationships. We also offer gifts to indicate love on birthdays, farewells, welcoming, holidays, to celebrate birth or just because we would like to. In conclusion, we can say that gift giving is such a beautiful ancient tradition that we still practice despite the fast paced world where we live nowadays. The thing is, a gift does not have to be a tangible item or an expensive material thing – it could needless to say be something unseen, something simple. It could be in the form of a warm smile or a couple of kind words. What’s important is that it comes from the heart.

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