Texting At School Can Be A Problem

With today’s use of  mobile devises  ,  students are  sometimes   concentrate  on who is texting them instead of focusing on the task at hand.  A lot of  junior and senior high school students  brag about  sending tens of thousands of texts per month.  While students are  sending and receiving texts  , they are not giving their  attention to a  topic  being taught or  instructions from   an  instructor  .  I am not  trying to say that  texting is bad  .  I use texting myself.  What I am  trying to say  is that we  should  to  instruct  our children  when it is ok to text   and  time  to focus on current tasks .  Even though children will  insist that they can multi-task  ,  most of them  can not. 

How can a parent know if  his/her  child is  texting excessively during math class ?   Many mobile phone carriers can give you a list of dates and times when text messages were sent .  Just compare the list  with  your child’s bell schedule.  It will be easy to tell if your child is texting during class , or waiting to text  at lunch or between classes  .

 What  can  parents do  about  misusing  texting?  First of all , parents have to  decide  that texting is not  permitted  at school (unless there is an emergency).  Also, there needs to be an  understanding  on what constitutes an emergency.  I have  seen  parents text their child in an algebra class to  find out  what  he/she wants for  for dinner (I am not joking ).  This is not an  acceptable  text during class.  Also, if you need to text about a non-emergency, have your  student   reply  at  the proper  time.  For children that refuse to stop texting during  class  , your  cell phone carrier may have a  way  that  will allow you to  determine  times when texting (receiving and/or sending) is  active  on your student’s  phone. This service ranges from  free  to around $15 per month. 

 will  will an appropriate use of texting help the school environment?  First  ,  many  schools instruct teachers to take cell phones that are being used  in  class.   Many  times students  refuse   to  hand in their phones and  create  a major disruption  in  class. 

It is better to help your child understand  where and when  texting can take place .  Otherwise, schools will have to take matters into their hands  .  This  could  include signal-blocking  wall coatings  that will block  cell phone signals from entering or leaving the  building  .  As parents, let’s get this issue controlled   so that  drastic measures will not need to be taken .

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