5 Niche Social Networks to Combat Facebook Fatigue

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social media, social networking sites If social networks were ice cream flavors, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter would be hopelessly vanilla.

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But never fear. If your interests are a little less conventional, you can join a social network forA mustache lovers, UFO enthusiasts, and, yes, evenA lost zombies. You’ll also find networks for knitters, dreamers, social drinkers, and recovering alcoholics (the last two are completely separate, which is probably for the best).

Here are five of the most eclectic–but thriving–niche social networks on the Web, including one that promises to get you into heaven and another that caters to your more devilish side.

Line for Heaven

Line for Heaven is a social network for the angel in you.

Are you going to heaven? If you’re not sure–and if heaven is a place that you want to go when you die–Line for Heaven may be the niche social network for you. This religious social network is supposed to be an entertaining way for people to connect and…get in line for entry into heaven, I guess. (The site’s slogan is “Religion can be fun!”)

In Line for Heaven, users can perform various tasks–invite friends, confess sins, support causes–to earn Karma points. Karma points are what you need to advance in the virtual line for heaven, so it’s in your best interest to rack them up. One of the activities on Line for Heaven is “The Blessing Game,” which is like a G-rated version of Hot or Not: You see two people’s pictures (along with little self-written blurbs about why they’re worthy), and you get to decide whom to bless. That’s a little weird, considering that you are choosing a person to bless based on looks.

Every Sunday is Judgment Day on Line for Heaven. The person at the front of the line (the person with the most Karma points for that week) is “inducted into heaven” and becomes an “angel.” Other users who have acquired a ton of Karma points are allowed to touch heaven. Oh, and Line for Heaven is accepting of all religions–all people, no matter what religion they are (or aren’t) can get into heaven if they work hard enough (at least on this site).

Vampire Freaks

Goths and vampire aficionados can connect on Vampire Freaks.

If heaven’s not your game, perhaps you’d like to step into the dark underworld of vampires–and I’m not talking about Edward Cullen. Vampire Freaks is a social network for people who are interested in vampires, Goths, and other Gothic-industrial subcultures.

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