Learn A Few Things About Passport Photo Singapore

A Few Tips On Passport Photo Singapore~A Few Useful Information On Passport Photo Singapore~A Brief Idea Regarding Passport Photo Singapore Decades ago, submitting an application for a passport was a tiring and long-drawn procedure. You had to actually run from pillar to post for a number of days before you could have the passport. Fortunately, with better technology, the procedure has become speedier over the years. Besides, help is available at every level, to make your task simpler too. Therefore, submitting an application for a passport is less onerous presently than what it used to be years ago. passport photo singapore: If you are intending to have a treasured family photograph, it is recommended that you approach a reputed photo studio singapore or a family portrait singapore service. Like any other country, passport photo singapore also has some regulations to adhere to. The country has implemented some strict and clear-cut regulations for passport photos. Being known for its stern legal and disciplinary practices, Singapore believes in obeying international biometric standrads in this regard. In case you are intending to acquire a Singaporean passport, kindly familiarize yourself with all the rules governing a passport photo. You shall be preventing illegal and fraudulent activities with regard to passport and visa by doing so. Therefore, while applying for passport photo singapore, remember to obey every specification to assist in effortless processing of your passport and visa formalities. To begin with, get in touch with a reputed passport photo singapore service, which is aware of every norm concerning passport photos. For instance, bear in mind that your passport photo ought to measure 3.5 cm by 4.5 cm and the image should be sharp and perfect and have no borders. Please gaze at the camera unswervingly, as you would do for your ID photograph. Avoid wearing glasses or colored contact lenses and open your eyes wide. When your photograph is being taken, ensure that the backdrop is white and has no decorations. The upper part of your shoulders ought to be visible. Remove your head gear unless it is a religious or cultural compulsion. Women should bear in mind not to use too much makeup so that they can seem natural in their passport photo. Finally, contact an professional passport photo singapore service to confirm all the necessary requirements are met. For related articles on passport photo singapore or visit www.rafflesstudio.com