A better Battery Produced Me a better Photographer


I run a journey weblog. To get a travel weblog to achieve success, it needs to be stuffed with tons of amazing pictures to let my visitors see the elegance from the locations I have been too. I’m a British, by the way, but I reside in Thailand now. One more reason why I take a lot of pictures is to give my mothers and fathers a glimpse of the growing up many years of their grandchildren as we live far from them.


For great photos, I use a DSLR, but you will find circumstances where carrying a bulky camera is just not practical and sensible. Some individuals, for example, find it impolite when i point my DSLR at them, whilst a compact digital camera can barely be observed. Occasions like these, I use my dependable compact camera, a Nikon coolpix. It’s this kind of a great little camera that requires more than decent pictures. Nevertheless, I used to be not able to utilize it for some time because I unintentionally damaged its battery, a Nikon EN-EL12, once i overcharged it one weekend.


I went and look for a substitute and wound up purchasing the STK edition from the Nikon EN-EL12. I chose it due to the next attributes:


-It is less expensive than the model which i broken.


-It features a better capacity, which suggests it’ll last longer. My old battery was only 680 milliamps per hour, while this one is a 1100 mAh battery.


-It came having a one-year guarantee. It’s a great sign that they trust their item, as well as in situation it does fall short, then I’m certain of a substitute.


It turned out to be an awesome buy. For one, it lived as much as the long battery life. I began using pictures at 8am and it was still going, far from being empty, at 10pm. That is an incredible convenience and it still left me worry-free because then.


Another great thing about the STK version could it be proved to become sturdier. I dropped it from a height of five feet and it nonetheless kept operating efficiently. Contact it crazy, but I did overcharge it too, however it did not fry in contrast to the Panasonic version.


Most of all, this battery has made me a better photographer. You may question how a battery can make a person better at pictures so allow me to explain. Having a lengthy battery lifestyle, I got more independence to snap absent all day long, capturing various subjects, occasions, and situations, which I did not hassle to take pictures of prior to simply because I used to be conserving my battery for your important pictures. During post processing these “simple shots”, that is once i discovered out their raw beauty and now I’ve discovered not to let go of the passing chance to photograph something, even if it appears so ordinary.


Consequently, it assisted a great deal in my blogging. I’m able to now publish pictures of every day normal happenings here in Thailand to allow my readers possess a glimpse from the real life and tradition here.


I am extremely happy with my STK battery that i will recommend it to anybody who is looking for a replacement or a spare battery for their cameras. This edition proved that you don’t have to stick to parts that came in the digital camera producer and nonetheless find dependable replacement.