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Here is the google FUN Chinglish translation…..btw new horse mean new malaysia

Singapore’s Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew (Singapore’s “founding fathers”, the father of current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong) said in an interview by the end of September, Malaysia can treat their own citizens the same treatment as Chinese and Indian people, to provide them with a fair education opportunities reuse , Malaysia and Singapore, comparable to or even more than Singapore, Singapore will be happy to re-join the Federation of Malaysia. His remark, immediately caused a sensation.

Singapore repeatedly mentioning “remarried”

Lee Kuan Yew throw this theory by no means the first time. As early as in 1996, Lee said the same thing, but the horse Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on grounds of “not ripe” declined. New horse in 1963, successfully merged; but for various reasons, two years after the separation of Singapore and Malaysia.

In his memoirs, Lee had not sadly mentioned that day, he was the Malaysian who divorces his camel abandoned Singapore officially announced the separation of Singapore and Malaysia. The new horse “divorce” after decades, Lee several times expressed the hope that “remarry”, what is old friends too hard or not he seek or another Yinzhong,?

On the surface, Singapore is willing to “remarry” is not difficult to understand. Singapore’s small territory, composed of 60 islands, land area equivalent to only 1/23, the resident population of only 4.48 million. Veritable “tiny place”, all kinds of resources are few and far between, even fresh water to be imported from the other side of Johor, Malaysia. Singaporeans shiny hearts, they are actually full of pressure to survive, such as the Japanese general. Malaysia area of ??330,000 square km and a population of 26,260,000. Singapore’s merger with Malaysia, you can enjoy the rich resources of Malaysia, to reduce stress; Malaysia, Singapore’s economic advantages realized by means of further development. Economic integration, the concept of regional cooperation in Asia today, things so the best of both worlds, indeed the non impulse talk.

There had been a brief “marriage”

However, Singapore is actually willing to take the national sovereignty in exchange for survival, there is in fact, the world is fresh! Moreover, Singapore as ordinary “little red dot”, but in the end is the developed countries of Asia and the world, the rapid economic development, social stability and harmony, the average people in high-quality, clean and beautiful environment. Compared with Singapore, Malaysia, no matter which are not very “good fit”. So a “beauty”, actually several times not particularly superior “to her ex-husband.” Remarry, how confusing?

To understand this language, “remarried” The Ins and Outs of a long story.

Singapore became a British colony in 1824, has gradually become a the British entrepot trade in Asian trading port and a major military base. Decades its sphere of influence extended to the Malay states and the implementation of the new horse divide and conquer “, that is directly under the new, the horse is practiced British Governor and horse people were exempted.

In the late 19th century, the British had already proposed a new horse association scheme, because too much resistance to nothing.

After 1957, the Federation of Malaya from the British colonial rule, the declaration of independence, the new self-government when he was prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew consider to go it alone unsustainable, we propose new horse in the 1959 merger. In the historical context of the time to prevent the rise of the communist camp, the two sides after repeated run-in, and finally in 1963 became “olden good.” It can be said, is unnecessary fear of complex new horse eventually come together. In fact, the reason why we know it today ASEAN was established in 1967, and also there is a fear of total psychological factors.

Racial issues into the bane

In fact, the merger of the Singapore and Malaysia from the outset, planted the seeds of discord. Horse most beginning of awful “marriage” very hesitant. Newly independent Federation of Malaya, is a multi-racial society, Malaysian and non-Malaysian (Chinese and Indians) half and half. Therefore, the race issue has become a key factor in the horse politics. Such a body of citizens for the Chinese and Indians in Singapore if trying horse, inevitably break the Malayan ethnic balance, vulnerable to political instability.

Singapore and Malaysia since the British rule the day, will be in political philosophy, economic development, cultural mentality respective molding lopsided even development to distrust. The new horse recriminations, the former accusing the latter to engage in national chauvinism, racial discrimination, which is known as the former against the non-interference in the horse’s internal affairs commitment. 1964 Singapore race riots. In 1965, the leader of the horse “UMNO” Tengku final choice of the separation of Singapore and Malaysia.

Was considered the “irony horse country

Not reconciliation between Singapore and Malaysia that “divorce” after to today there has been emotional. After experiencing together, the two countries prone to sensitive, narrow-minded mentality analysis and interpretation to each other. Decades, especially horses hardline Prime Minister Mahathir, the two quarrel vindictive become commonplace. Words of Malaysian, Singapore and Malaysia relations “Partly, when Cloudy with occasional showers.”

In such a big history and reality of the context, Lee proposed a new horse to the merger, it seems outdated. No wonder the horse domestic attendant filled with the voices opposed: Ma administration said, “it is best to maintain the status quo, or even dismissed as” cheap political trick “and” irony horse country. The most interesting is the Malaysia Sin Chew Daily “said Lee This is to evoke the sense of crisis Singaporeans to go beyond Malaysia.

News Watch

Lee Kuan Yew’s proposal should be well-intentioned

Wen WANG Bono

Boundless, graceful infinity. Riddled with cause and effect, by the heart. This horizon, Buddhist, has a vivid manifestation of the development of relations between Singapore and Malaysia, the two countries do not to Buddhism is the dominant religion.

The history of entanglement with the contradictions of reality created a new horse to neighboring enemy better than distant relatives. This world a lot of verbal abuse study of their origin, because the “mentality” of the word into the sky. The new horses two ethnic groups for many years is taking two different roads each other has nearly disgust cognitive, too many disputes worse impression on each other. Although relations between the two countries has improved since the Prime Minister Badawi any horse, but the perennial barriers already generate too much apathy. Malaysian famous columnist Raslan believes that there are three major factors: Ma feelings of inferiority and insecurity of the new concept of the new horse differences and cultural divide to increase impact of a new horse relationship. This theory is extremely

Give up the sovereignty of a country in order to survive need courage and great wisdom. Is it really as Emerson said, great work is to be misunderstood? History has gone through the infinite vicissitudes, the people have suffered a confrontation and suffering caused by the war. If the new horse in the 20th century, the combination of ideological nature, then shared harmony and prosperity the pursuit of the common goal of the international community today.

Have explored the possibility of new horse “brace” in all walks of life, I want to draw attention to an important fact: in the new bilateral relations in recent years changed again today, calls for peaceful cooperation in Asia today, the 84-year-old Lee Guangyao the proposed “remarry application” to a country with historical grievances neighbors, should be seen as a gesture of goodwill and a brave. Source: Youth Reference

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