Make Sure That Your Home Remains Safe Whilst You Are Away This Christmas

Over the christmas period, many property owners leave their houses, flats or bungalows unattended whilst visiting their families. Spending time with family is what makes Christmas such an interesting time, especially when you have the added advantage of being taken care of by your family. You get the overall gist – a home away from home at Christmas produces an even more exciting Christmas! Yet, it is worth remembering that while you are developing a magical time with all the family, your home is being left empty and at risk of a robbery (see Locksmiths in Southend).

So, we’ve compiled a list of handy hints to help keep your property secure whilst you enjoy your Christmas vacation. 

Tip 1: Hire A House Sitter

If your house remains empty over the Christmas period, or any time of year for that matter, the chance of it being burgled becomes significantly higher. So think about asking a close friend or trusted family member to watch over your home whilst you are away. 

Tip 2: Tell Your Neighbours

If you are on friendly terms with your neighbours, it is worth telling them whenever you plan to go away, be it for 1 night or 10. Ask your neighbour/s whether they can keep ‘a watchful eye’ on the place. You could even ask a neighbour or family member to park their car in the drive to help create the illusion that someone is home. 

Tip 3: Don’t Leave the Light On

Many people think that leaving a mere light on will deter thieves, unfortunately this is not the case. One single light being left on will not fool thieves into thinking that no-one is home, especially if it remains on throughout the night. If you prefer your home to be lit in the evening, then why not put your lights on a timer? This not only avoids wasting energy, but also makes it look more realistic that someone is home. Why not connect the radio and TV to a timer too for an even fuller illusion. 

Tip 4: Exterior Lighting

Installing motion-detector lighting to your home in time for the festive period is a superb idea (see Locksmiths in Rayleigh). Aim to install them to both the front and back of your property as an deterrent.

Tip 5: Don’t Leave A Trail of Paper & Post Whilst Away

If you are planning a lengthy Christmas vacation, avoid your letter box being filled with post and papers. If you live alone as opposed to in a house share or flat share, it may be worth suspending your mail whilst you’re away. This way, you not only have one less thing to worry about. Also, asking someone you trust to collect your post or to ensure it’s not left poking out your letter box is advisable. 

Tip 6: Ensure All Doors & Windows Are Locked

Before you head off for the Christmas holidays, make sure that you secure all windows and doors as appropriate. Ensure all sliding doors are secured with a supplemental lock.

For more security advice or to learn further ways of keeping your home secure, see HMS Locksmiths in Essex.

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