3 Reasons To Use Niche Job Boards

3 Reasons To Use Niche Job Boards image NicheJobBoard

Scrolling through pages and pages of job postings is a daunting, repetitive process.

It’s even worse when you don’t know the perfect keyword for the position you’re looking for. However, there is an alternative, and all you need is a general idea of the industry you are looking to work in: niche job boards (click this link for a nice long list of niche job boards).

Niche job boards are industry specific, posting jobs within a concentrated industry, in contrast to general job boards such as Monster or CareerBuilder. Niche job boards are often attached to niche communities where you can find useful content for your profession or industry.

There are niche job boards that target pretty much any industry, from trucking to government, even some aimed at finding your first job.

So if you have an industry or profession in mind, here are three reasons why you should check out niche job boards:

1. The biggest benefit of using niche job boards are that they give you industry or profession specific results, weeding out other fields you are not interested in. General job boards pool together thousands of jobs, so if you aren’t sure of what keywords to search, it’s a rather endless search for the right position. Instead of weeding through hundreds of pages, niche job boards will boil it down to the jobs that you want to see. If you’re sticking to general job boards, you may miss a quality opportunity, whether it be because you don’t know the position title, or simply scrolled through it.

2. Because niche job boards are reduced to a specific industry, there will be a smaller applicant pool applying to the position you want, increasing your exposure to the employer. With general job boards, if a job seeker is remotely interested, they can easily submit an application, increasing the size of that pool. With niche job boards, you’ll be in an applicant pool with a small number of individuals who are also focused on that industry. And because employers post to niche job boards looking for quality candidates, you’ll know in turn that they have targeted what type of talent they are looking for.

3. If you’re not actively looking for a job, it is still beneficial to check out niche job boards. In addition to job postings, many niche websites have an established community around them. These communities give you the opportunity to network, connect, and learn from others in the industry. Many of these websites have forums, blogs, and other ways to get you further in your specific industry. No matter how much work experience you may have, it’s helpful to learn what worked for others in the field. These communities are a great way to gain insight about the industry in general.

So if you’re tired of looking at the overwhelming lists of jobs on the general job websites, go specific and check out niche job boards. Not only will your search be concentrated to the industry you are looking to join, it opens up the opportunity to network with others already in the industry.

General job boards can be overwhelming, so condense your search to what you are really looking for, and that search begins on niche job boards.

3 Reasons To Use Niche Job Boards image

This article originally appeared on Tim’s Strategy™ and has been republished with permission.

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