Could Niche Social Networks Eat Away At Facebook’s Dominance?

Many people may have scoffed when MySpace announced a rebirth, but could the music-based site chip away at Facebook’s stranglehold on social media? That’s what USA Today is wondering, noting that as Facebook grows and becomes more general, niche sites such as Pheed and CyPop could become more popular, as well.

Although it’s hard to imagine one of those social media sites accumulating more than 1 billion users, they bring something different to the table. While Facebook wants to be everything to everyone, niche networks focus in on specific topics or specialties, attracting those with similar interests. They won’t knock Facebook off its mantle, but they could steal away some eyeballs, notes Jeff Lillibridge, vice president of social media at digital marketing firm Phizzle.

As Facebook broadens its reach, several networks are popping up that have more limited, yet passionate, fan bases, such as Pinterest for photos,  SportsYapper for sports fans, and Viddy for video.

Pheed allows users to share texts, photos, videos, voice notes, audio, and live broadcasts. The company’s CEO, OD Kobo, said that the Internet is wider than a person’s connections:

On Pheed, you express yourself .. The Web is not only about my friends.

However, most people still spend their time on Facebook, and old habits die hard. Many people like Facebook because it brings the Web into one place. Some experts are skeptical that MySpace and other smaller social media sites could have success in a Facebook-dominated world.

Readers: Do you think other social networks have a chance at growing their user bases?

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