Retiring Baby-Boomers Need to Think About Travel Insurance

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The UK’s leading niche money comparison website comments on the latest research showing that most baby-boomers face health problems upon retirement and recommends they think about over 65 travel insurance.

Health problems creep up on most of us in later life and the majority of people already have at least one medical issue by the time they reach the typical retirement age in the UK.*

A study by the Medical Research Council (MRC) Unit for Lifelong Health Aging found that the average baby boomer has had at least two common medical conditions at retirement age.  

The study looked at the prevalence of 15 common clinical disorders such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and liver diseases. The survey looked at 2,661 men and women aged 60-64 and revealed that the most common health problem was high blood pressure with more than half suffering.

With over half those surveyed having had to visit their doctor for hypertension and a quarter from diabetes, only one in six of those now reaching retirement were considered condition free. Travellers suffering from diabetes, for example, should think about finding specific diabetes travel insurance to meet particular needs and requirements.

Mark Bower, Managing Director of says,

“It’s no secret that as you get older, the list of medical complaints gets longer. Whilst old age and potential health problems go hand-in-hand, that needn’t prevent you from enjoying holidays abroad.  

“Travel insurance policies which cover pre-existing medical conditions are, as can be seen from this survey, a necessity for the majority of travellers over 65. However if holidaymakers don’t shop around they can end up paying more than they need for it.  By using a comparison site such as, travellers can find the best level of cover for their specific needs. There are numerous different options to help you choose the right travel insurance for your needs.

“This means that your break can be truly relaxing as you travel in the knowledge you are fully covered for a full range of medical issues, should they arise.” is the ideal destination for the older generations to find the best over 70 travel insurance and over 80 travel insurance.  

Notes to editors

*Source:  Most baby boomers ‘under the doctor’ at retirement

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