Divorce Lawyers Target the Untrusting Men Niche

Wed Jul 25, 2012 12:14am EDT

So you’re a man going through a divorce and you need a divorce lawyer.

You may have noticed an increasing trend of divorce lawyers that market themselves specifically for husbands. You may be wondering if this is a gimmick or if there’s really something there that can help you.

Depending upon your situation, such niche specialty lawyers may actually be just what you’re looking for, reports The Wall Street Journal.

When choosing a lawyer, two of the most important considerations you have are finding a competent lawyer in handling legal matters like yours and feeling comfortable speaking with the lawyer.

With a divorce lawyer that specializes in working with husbands, you can assure yourself that the lawyer has some expertise in the area. For example, not all family lawyers are created equal. A lawyer may be a great child custody lawyer, but if the lawyer has no experience crafting arguments for a dad, the lawyer’s experience may be of little benefit.

Additionally, a lawyer that specializes in divorce for husbands can help you avoid common pitfalls that are not necessarily “legal” issues. Oftentimes, men get into trouble or make a tense situation worse by engaging in dumb acts. A lawyer that is used to working with men can coach you on how to get through difficult times like meditations with your wife.

Finally, the advantage of working with a divorce lawyer for husbands is that you may feel more comfortable with the lawyer. This comfort can begin as soon as you step foot into the office. For example, ESPN can be playing on a flat screen TV in the waiting room and you can read Sports Illustrated as you wait. Believe it or not, there is some value to feeling at home with your attorney.

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