Edwards’ find niche in digital printing business

Jim Edwards had spent 26 years in the prepress business when he recognized it was time to move into the digital world.

So in 2003, he set out with his wife Debbie to open their own business, Digital Visuals, and now they are designing projects on a local and regional level that takes them as far away as the Carolinas and Georgia.

Digital Visuals designs and prints anything from signs to banners and labels to wall graphics.

“I just kind of lucked into the business,” Jim Edwards said.

He had been laid off from a previous job when a friend of his opened a prepress business, so he jumped right into it starting as a plate maker and ending up as operations manager.

“But I wanted to expand digitally,” Edwards said. “I felt it was worth pursuing so I did.”

The Edwards’ started in a small building on the corner of Crawford Street and First Avenue, then moved into the TV Middletown building on Central Avenue in 2004.

But after several years there, the need for more space was evident. It was difficult to find something in downtown Middletown that would give them the space they needed, but in 2009 they purchased a 12,500-square-foot building on North Clinton Street. They currently occupy about 9,000 square feet of the space.

“We always wanted to stay in Middletown,” Debbie Edwards said. “This is our home and were are committed to being here. It’s part of our identity and we didn’t want to leave that behind.”

Some of their clients include Atrium Medical Center, Bern’s Garden Center, Graeter’s Ice Cream and Grippos Chips.

“There aren’t too many jobs we can’t do,” Debbie Edwards said.

They are also working on designing all the interior signage for Cincinnati State’s Middletown campus, as well as all the interior signage and wall graphics for an IGA Food Mart in Georgia.

“We had a silk screening business a long time ago that was more of a hobby,” Jim Edwards said. “But it was something we liked doing together. Now we’ve found our niche.”

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