Giantplus expected to stick with niche markets

Giantplus Technology, a Taiwan-based small- and medium-sized LCD panel maker who has diversified into the touch panel market, is expected to stay focused on niche touch applications in the second half of this year as multiple panel makers are increasingly competing for touch panel shipments, according to market observers.

The panel maker reported NT$3.6 billion (US$120 million) in consolidated revenues for the second quarter, a 3% on-quarter increase due to adjustments with its customer portfolio and more emphasis on niche markets. The observers said the slight increase is due to high competition with touch screen panel production intensifying and that panel makers need to find their niche markets to stay competitive.

Giantplus’s niche markets include mostly smartphones, digital cameras and in-vehicle displays, which will account for approximately 40% of its revenues in 2012 and will also raise its gross profits, according to the company.

The observers said they are optimistic for the panel industry in the third quarter as demands for in-vehicle displays in luxury cars as well as small- and medium-sized panels for smartphones and tablets are continuing to rise.

However, Giantplus needs to stick with its customized orders and niche markets strategy in order to prevent possible losses, they added.

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