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Published on: 10th Jul 2012

Is mobile banking the way of the future? According to a recent issue of the
Ipsos Canadian [email protected] Reid Report which investigated online Canadians’
use of web-based financial services, only a small minority of online Canadians
are mobile banking, but this minority is growing.

Slightly more than one-in-ten (12%) online Canadians have conducted banking
from their mobile device in the past 3 months. While still appealing to only a
niche group of online Canadians, this represents a significant growth from 2011
when just 8% online Canadians used this service. Overall, the adoption of mobile
banking may be limited by the penetration of smartphones in the Canadian

Only one-third (36%) of online adults in Canada own a smartphone, and
therefore, would be able to conduct mobile banking. That said, ownership of
smartphones has expanded quickly in the last few years – from 9% in 2008 and
31% in 2011 – which hints that mobile banking may continue to strengthen in
the future as more Canadians become equipped with the technology that will
enable them to use this service.

The small minority who conduct mobile banking is contrasted by the popularity
of online banking in general. Specifically, over three-quarters (78%) have
conducted any type of online banking transaction in the past three months. And
the prevalence of online banking is still growing, with no signs of leveling off
yet – penetration overall has expanded from 73% in 2011.

Catherine Dawson, Senior Vice President comments “This growth in mobile and
online banking may be fueled at least in part by an increasing sense of
confidence and security in online and mobile transactions”. This same study
found that nearly all online Canadians are now confident that Canadian financial
services industry can ensure the security and privacy of their information (87%,
with 35% very confident and 52% somewhat confident; up from 77% confident in
2008). This suggests that as Canadians feel more secure, online and mobile
banking will become even more widespread.

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