Robotics company finds niche market

Centerville, OHIO (WDTN) – A robotics company in Centerville is making a name for itself world-wide.

Rixan Associates on Paragon Road, is a family owned business since 1959.

President Steve Harris said, “While most robots used in manufacturing are for welding, we specialize in finding niche markets for our robots.”

Engineers can design, program and distribute robots that are ready to “plug-in and play” in the factory.

He adds, “We made our bones in the laboratory market as the largest supplier of small robots in North America.”

Harris said, “We’ve practically corned the market in the manufacturing of orthopedic equipment in the US using our robots for high-quality finishing work.

Harris can also boast an impressive lists of clients that has expanded world-wide, including fortune 500 companies like Procter and Gamble.

Rixan research engineers are working on another project that could revolutionize electric producing turbines.

Harris explained,  “One of the exciting research things we’re doing right now is we have a patent on a vertical wind turbine.”

While most wind turbines you see now feature giant blades, spinning high above the ground, Harris said his turbine is different.

‘It can be used to power small homes, small businesses, even provide enough power to light parking lots and many other types of applications.”

Harris hopes to have it on the market soon as he looks at new ways to power his business into the future. 

“We don’t let grass grow under our feet, we move all the time and you have to be nimble today in business and you have to try and push harder than the other guy pushes and try to find niche markets that the other guy isn’t looking at yet.”

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